Pretty Man by Ryan Field

Blurb: Roland Marcus, still not over the fact that his twenty year relationship has ended, accidentally bumps into a hot young guy in a used book store…a strapping male hustler whom he decides to hire for one week to accompany him to charity events while he’s in New York. He offers him five thousand dollars, with no strings attached, to just stand by his side and look pretty.

Josh Holden, a young guy who is helping to support his son and saving money to buy a business with his best friend and ex-wife, is only too happy to escort Roland anywhere he wants to go that week. And he’s not doing it just for the money…

Review: I didn’t know what to expect from this book. Before getting it I read a few reviews and they went from “hard core erotica” to “a real honest love story”, well, there’s a lot of room in between those two.

For me it was somewhere in the middle with a tendency towards erotica. There were tons of sex in the story (more about that in a minute) and little romance (definitely not enough for me).


In retrospect it’s quite amazing that there was a solid plot there, considering the numerous sex scenes. The story went very much like the film “Pretty Woman”, even including a scene where Roland’s ex offers money to Josh after Roland divulged the true nature of his and Josh’s relationship to him.

Kenneth, Roland’s ex, was a total treat to read about. I hated his character but he certainly added some flair to the book. His mannerisms almost made for some comic relief. How Roland could be together with him long enough to get dumped for a younger man (and what that younger man must have been thinking) remains a mystery.

The sex scenes were interesting. As said before there were lots, but extremely varied. The locations were very different from each other and Josh and Roland turned out to be quite resourceful. There was a foursome (not my thing), a scene with a hetero couple (not a foursome though – it was more like parallel activity and I thought that one was really good), a few others and one scene that was downright surreal – to me anyway. I felt like I was in a really weird, but detailed dream, :-).

The conclusion of the story was reached within a few pages without much ado. There was no declaration of eternal love, no confessions of feelings. You had to read very much between the lines to find them. If you like internal reflection, angst and deep emotions (either expressed or at least hinted at) this is not for you. If you liked the plot of “Pretty Woman”, but thought it could do with more sex you’ll like this book – a lot.

Available at Ravenous Romance

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