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On Readerville I found the link to a promising book database. Since most people turn to amazon for information about any given book and considering the recent problems with the site, it might be worth to try out other sources. I find it a bit confusing and it is far from comprehensive yet, but it seems to be a good start.

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  1. Claire, thanks. I must admit I’m totally in love with the new look myself and find myself staring at the screen all the time, LOL.
    I agree that database is confusing, hopefully it will eveolve into something good in the course of time.
    I never think about those other book vendor sites, since amazon is the only one I use myself to shop since they are everywhere. B&N or Powell isn’t available over here. But, of course, for research purposes you can use any site. I might add them to the post though. Thanks for reminding me.


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