“Boys fix things. Girls need things fixed.” Is that so, now?

Today I stumbled around a bit and found an extraordinary book along the way. The owner of My blahg posted this book called “I’m glad I’m a boy! I’m glad I’m a girl!” from 1970 (that’s the most amazing thing about it. It should be from the 50s really). You can have a look at all the pages over there.

A lot of people got worked up about it in the comments, how chauvinistic, sexist, discriminating, yadda, yadda it is. I just think it’s very amusing.

Anyway, some really funny lines are the ones I used in the title of this post or “Boys are policemen. Girls are metermaids.” “Boys can eat. Girls can cook.” “Boys build houses. Girls keep houses.” Yeah, you didn’t know that, did you? Isn’t that just awesome? This absolutely made my day. I’m easy to please, aren’t I. 

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