The Bohemians by Sean Michael

Synopsis: Topaz  lives with his lovers Stephan and Leo. Stephan and Leo are soulmates, while Topaz is still looking for his other half. He’s found it in Quincy, however, Quincy doesn’t share well.

Review: This is another story in “Bus stories”. The Bohemians is the perfect title for this. Topaz is a weaver, Stephan a florist, Leo a glassblower, all are living happily together in a flower filled, almost dreamlike building. Topaz dresses very extravagantly, talks about flowers resonating with Quincy’s date of birth etc. It’s all very bohemian, indeed. After a bit of wooing with flowers he and Quincy get together and click beautifully.

When Quincy finds out about the true relationship between Topaz and his housemates, however, he draws a line. He’s a one man at a time guy and doesn’t share well. So he leaves. Topaz is devastated.

Sure, this is a dilemma for him. He loves his housemates, he loves Quincy, too. Quincy is his soulmate, but he isn’t willing to give up Stephan and Leo for him. Given his nature, he probably even couldn’t. He wants to please everybody, regardless of the consequences.

I’m not a fan of menage stories. It’s not that I have anything against menage per se, each to his own, but I rather read about a committed exclusive relationship. In this context the whole set up made sense to me, though. What I didn’t like was the somewhat condescending attitude of Topaz’ lovers, especially Stephan’s. To me he was the perfect example of someone who expects tolerance of his own lifestyle but wasn’t willing to show it towards others. He never even considered talking to Topaz to discuss his leaving them to be with his soulmate. Instead he expressed his lack of understanding of Quincy’s point of view. This intolerant attitude towards Quincy didn’t help anybody and on top of it lead to another unpleasant situation between him and Topaz. 

In the end one of them had to give in to find a solution for this and I’m not 100% sure I’m happy with it. It seems that an understanding had been reached, but the way it came about didn’t convince me fully. 

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  1. Great review!!

    I really enjoyed this book although I had the same reservations as you did. I did not like the attitude shown by Topaz’s friends. I also thought for the lifestyle they lived they would have been more understanding. But all in all I did enjoy it.

    I really LOVED Bus Stories, so many good little stories in it. Especially the different versions of Benny and Jonathan’s story.



  2. Lily, yeah, I thought the same thing about Topaz’ friends. But I suppose people like this are to be found everywhere.

    Bus Stories is great. I haven’t read the ongoing Benny & Jonathan stories yet, but all the others. I especially liked Beginning to believe which I blogged about already. Sean Michael is so versatile, sometimes I can’t believe it’s the same guy writing all his stories, :-).


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