Perfect Man by Shawn Lane

Blurb: Alex Nichols’ sister sets him up on a blind date with the perfect man, a man who has haunted his dreams for ten years. Craig Fontaine was his fantasy as far back as high school, but Craig did his best to humiliate him then over coming out. Now ten years later they both have successful careers and Craig claims to be gay. At first Alex is certain this is Craig’s version of a joke, but it soon becomes clear things have changed in ten years. Craig really is gay and hotter than ever. But Craig has a dark past that threatens their future and Alex may lose his perfect man before they have their chance at happily ever after.

Review: Craig is a prime example of a tortured hero. He has issues from his past that haunt him. The story shows us very clearly that the actions of people can’t be judged if you don’t know their background and their motivations.

Craig and Alex were very good together. Alex is just the perfect man for Craig as vice versa. He is understanding and supportive. I especially liked a scene in the nursing home with Craig’s mother where Alex shows what an intuitive and compassionate man he is. Misunderstandings happen – I suppose they can’t be avoided in their situation – but are resolved quickly.

Alex’ ex was an excellent driving force. Without his unspeakable intervention probably Craig and Alex would have gone on forever with Alex not knowing what troubles Craig and with Craig suffering without getting any help. Even so, the ex was such a creep, I could only hate him.  Don’t say now that I just said you can’t judge people without knowing what’s going on in their heads. I know exactly what’s going on in Travis head. He’s an egoistic guy who thinks that he’s the centre of the universe and that things stop to exist when he’s not around.

At the end we learn about the situation six months later. Craig is better, but it takes more than Alex’ love to get there. It’s good to see that Shawn Lane doesn’t give us the typical “once you find love, you’ll be ok” ending, but a realistic one.

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  1. This sounds interesting — like it contains a lot of strong conflict! I hope the chickens come home to roost for Travis, though I know you probably don’t want to say and divulge a plot-spoiler. 🙂 Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


  2. Val, you should know that I don’t mind spoilers and in Travis’ case it is no real spoiler anyway. No, the chickens don’t come home to roost for him, he sort of fades into oblivion once he’s done his duty.


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