Amazon’s paranormal romance store

Amazon has opened a new section which is called the Paranormal Romance store. It seems the genre is so successful that they now even created its own little corner. I find this quite convenient. In the sidebar there are all sorts of series listed, they show featured titles and bestsellers.

Don’t know why they list Anita Blake in that section, though. Those books have NOTHING to do with romance at all, they are either Urban Fantasy or later on uninspired erotica (and I’m using the term erotica very loosely here). If the series had another heroine the books might qualify for romance possibly, but not with that kick-ass bitch. Anita Blake romance is a classic oxymoron.

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  1. YAY! This has been needed for a looonggg time now and I can now find all my romance, especially the paranormal genre in one place. No more hunting 6 different sites to find a release date etc. This is absolutely awesome!!
    I quite agree with you about the Anita Blake series. It’s so sad to see a series just go totally downhill from what it used to be *sigh* but I guess it takes all sorts to read that craptastic drivel she (Hamilton) writes now.


  2. Natasha, yes, the series really has gone downhill. I must admit though that one of the reasons I continued to read it (up to book 11 or so) was the fact I really liked all Anita’s men. I hate her, but I so adore all the guys.


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