Trust by Shawn Lane

Synopsis: When Justin finds out that Brad betrayed him, he left him without another glance. Even though until then he believed in giving people a second chance, when it was up to him to do so, he refused.
Now, 13 years later, he is involved in an accident and Brad, now a fire fighter, rescues him. After finding out that Justin was possibly forced off the road he takes him to his home to find out what is going on. The old feelings for each other, which have never died, rise up to the surface again.

Review: One act in the past has determined Brad’s life from then on. Not only did he suffer from Justin’s behaviour afterwards, which was justified in Brad’s eyes, but he punished himself as well since that day. When he meets Justin again he’s not certain how Justin will react to his presence. He’s insecure, but to his surprise Justin still seems to be interested in him.

Even though they both have feelings for each other it is not certain until very late in the book whether Justin will come around to try to trust Brad again. In fact it looks like he won’t be able to, even though  he feels that he should give Brad a second chance. There we see how knowing that it would be right to do a thing and being able to do it are two totally different things. It takes a pretty bad situation for him to put things back into the proper perspective.

The story starts with a prologue which tells us about Brad’s betrayal. Justin accuses Brad of sabotaging all the good things in his life. And it certainly looked that way at the time. Only later we find out that Justin was wrong in his assessment (with the exception of sabotaging their relationship, but I myself felt Justin’s reaction was a bit uncalled for – I’m extremely lenient, you see). Once more (just like in Perfect Man) we see that judging someone without being in their heads is next to impossible.

An added touch is the question of who is stalking Justin. He has been receiving threatening emails and letters, someone broke into his home and tried to kill him a couple of times. This gives a hint of suspense to the whole story, even though it becomes pretty clear early on who the culprit must be.

If you like stories with strong feelings bubbling under the surface, characters with a haunting past and a slight mystery, which isn’t too dominant, this is the right story for you.

Available at Ellora’s Cave

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