Warm Rush I – Chasing Winter by Rowan McBride

Synopsis: Jesse Winter goes to Europe for business reasons and leaves Keith, a fifteen year old neighbourhood boy, behind. The trip lasts a lot longer than planned because he’s involved in a very bad accident and takes years to even be able to get back home. Keith, who is now eighteen, has changed a lot and makes it clear that he’s in love with Jesse and always has been. Jesse, however, has changed as well and has qualms. He believes, Keith is too young and deserves better than a man eleven years his senior and who’s a wreck to boot.

Review: This was my first story by Rowan McBride and I was extremely impressed with it. I more or less stumbled across it by accident when I browsed around at Amber Allure to look for some new stuff and the cover and title appealed to me. The blurb sounded interesting for various reasons and I had a look around on the net to find out more. On Rowan McBride’s website I found more information about Warm Rush and re-considered. I’m so not into muscles,  the whole Hulk concept doesn’t do it for me at all. But then again, I just couldn’t let go, I wanted to read it no matter what for the other aspects of it. And I am glad I did. What a treat this was! I loved every bit of it.

Keith was a determined man if I ever saw one. His “crush” for Jesse survived years of separation, years of not knowing what the hell has happened to Jesse and quite some rejection (or at least attempts at rejection) from Jesse’s side. Still, he never faltered, was always there. Admirable.

Jesse, on the other hand, tried to do his best to do the right thing for Keith – or at least what he though was the right thing for him –, but just couldn’t resist the temptation. And who could blame him? The way he found back into his life and recognized that he is still loved, even though he considered himself unworthy and a burden was beautifully told.

Those guys were absolutely perfect in every way. And they were perfect for each other. I so enjoyed reading this and can’t recommend this enough.

Slight spoiler ahead!

Two points had me thinking, though. Why was nobody surprised about Keith’s growth? And why were people so rude and inconsiderate to Jesse? You would think that people who are so thoughtless and insensitive as to send someone who had a death experience their condolences (does that make any sense at all?), also won’t refrain from impolitely staring at a gigantic muscle bound Keith as if he was a freak.

If you like an angst-y guy with issues, a self-assured, protective young man who doesn’t mind a bit of violence if someone threatens his mate, a magical story in a contemporary setting and a story that focuses very much on the couple, you will enjoy this a lot.

A little side note: this story seemed extremely well-edited to me. I don’t really keep track of these things (I suppose I’m already jaded, since a lot of stories need serious editing) but here I don’t remember ever seeing a typo or other errors etc. What a pleasant change!

Since this is the first book in a series there is hope to see a sequel, but according to Rowan McBride’s blog it doesn’t look as if this was happening anytime soon. Too bad! I would have loved to read on right now.

Available at Amber Allure

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  1. Great review Rikki!!

    I read this book a couple of months ago and loved it. I also had the same thought when reading it though, didn’t it seem strange to anyone how Keith kept growing? I hope Rowan does write another book with these guys, I’d love to see how they’re doing 🙂


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