Meant to be by Zahra Owens

Synopsis: Kai and Toby meet at the airport while waiting for their connecting flight which was delayed. They instantly click and after a few days together they decided to give a relationship a try even though Toby’s job causes him to be away most of the time.

Review: Oh, this was a delight. Kai and Toby were such great characters! Very short after the beginning the story switches back to Valentine’s Day five years before and tells us about their first meeting. That and how they spend the little time they had together was just plain lovely.

I can imagine how hard it must be to keep up a relationship when one partner is travelling almost always. At one point it was mentioned that their relationship was unreal, since the real life was taking place in between the times when Toby and Kai were actually together. They never had the chance to find out how well they would get along in everyday situations, since the times they spent together were always made special, like a vacation. The way they kept up with each other when Toby was gone was very sweet, too. I just loved those two guys.

The story starts and ends in the present with Kai’s Valentine’s Day surprise for Toby. And what a fabulous surprise it was. Ah, I was melting away. I’d love to read a sequel to this so I’ll find out how Kai and Toby do in real life.

This was quite a short story, but it gave me a taste of Zahra Owen’s writing. Now I definitely want more.

The short story is part of the Reflections of Love anthology at Dreamspinner Press

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