The end of the line by Sean Michael

Synopsis: Sam, a homeless veteran with an injured knee, is looking for a job. He finds one in Chance’s feed store, who offers him to stay at his place until he’s found  one of his own.

Review: Chance has been living alone for a number of years. He and Sam are both easygoing, uncomplicated and enjoy each other’s company. Sam feels attracted to Chance and tries to worm some information out of Chance about whether he is gay, while Chance is afraid to admit it since he thinks Sam is straight. The way they pussyfoot around is quite amusing to read.

This is a really pleasant romance of two men, who are not that young anymore, and who find love unexpectedly. I think both have already given up the thought to ever find a partner. Chance had his last steady one when he was in his twenties, Sam, being in the military, has never had one. Both think they are no good catch due to their health issues.

What bothered me was the constant whining about their age. It was always done in a joking manner, but going on about it as often as they did means there must be an underlying truth to it. Please! To be forty something might have meant impending death a few hundred years ago, but not nowadays. You could have thought they both were in wheelchairs and not able to move anymore. In reality they seemed quite fit to me – in and out of bed. Age issues is something I can’t relate to.

The story focuses exclusively on the two men. Other people are only mentioned in passing. There is no outside interference, just a slow building up of Sam’s and Chance’s relationship. If you, like me, like those kind of stories, this will be an enjoyable read.

Available at Torquere Books

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