Thursday 13: Song binging

dj_sxc_clix Last Sunday there was a question on the Sunday Stealing meme about one’s favourite song at the moment and I mentioned song binging then. A coincidence, since I had already thought about doing a song binging TT this week. So, here I go.

Song binging is one of my vices. It is probably the one that annoys people the most. Whenever I’m in my car I pick one song and listen to it nonstop, for days or weeks on end. If the passengers happen to not like the song, tough luck. When I’m obsessed, I won’t budge an inch. So these are a few songs I’ve been binging on lately. Some are just songs I like, some are by my favourite artists.  If you’d like to explore a bit more, in most cases I’m linking to a cover version or two as well.

The “just happen to like it” category:

1. Crying Shame by Jack Johnson
I couldn’t find the video clip, if there is one at all, so I decided to link above to the original song, but with awesome drums from a Brazilian guy. Then there is this great cover version from twostep03. I like the way he puts his own spin on it.

2. Babylon by David Gray – and more or less the rest of “White Ladder”.
Cover version by podline6
On the album is also a great cover version of “Say hello, wave goodbye”. I very much prefer it to the original. I found a good cover of that cover by heifdogg

3. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse – look at this awesome live video. Oh, the red suit! Love it.
And here is a cover of the drums and guitar by Esparoba1

4. It’s been awhile by Staind
And an excellent performance by Aaron Lewis on his own. Cover version from Zashnog

5. God put a smile upon your face by Coldplay 
A piano cover from jwkrap

6. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls – the live version from the concert in Buffalo is the best.
And a good cover by beezteez

7. One more time by Daft Punk – I like this one for sentimental reasons.
A live version by Daft Punk and a Daft Punk piano medley by the Napkin Holder

8. Moondance by Van Morrison
There doesn’t seem to be an original version available.  Cover with two guitars from 6K6R, a cover sung by Eric Shelman and one by Charlese Allen.

The “favourite artists” category:

9. Stirb nicht vor mir by Rammstein – one of my favourite bands. This is my favourite song by them, but not your typical Rammstein song.
And the only full cover version from a Brazilian band I could find, which is not bad at all. Contrary to some of those rude comments on youtube, the German is pretty good and the guy has a decent intonation and all. Some people find fault in everything.

10. Behind the wheel by Depeche Mode – my favourite Depeche Mode song
I found this cover version with only a guitar from a French guy called jjyhyhyy. He’s got lots of other DM covers. Really good.

11. Seasick, yet still docked by Morrissey The Smiths are my favourite band of all. I’m not too fussed on Morrissey on his own, I’m afraid, even though I’d love to be. Do you know the feeling when you desperately want to feel something, but just can’t? This song comes as close to the Smiths as is possible. A bit like “Heaven knows I’m miserable now”. Love it. I chose this video because it is a live video from 1992, when the song came out. The original video clip is here. Sorry, no cover here. I only found three, one was a pain for the ears, one was with an e-guitar (sorry, but you can’t do this!), the third was by a woman with a ukulele. Don’t think so.

The “this is fabulous” category:

12. Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt I like the last second, when they sound really pleased with themselves.
Two cover versions. One from ArtFeile and one from Tony Reynold Lopez and Luca Borgia. I love how they play together.

13. Caramel by Suzanne Vega – not only books can be medicine for the soul. This song is simply perfect.
Above link is from a live performance in 1996, unfortunately it is cut off at the end. This one is also from when the song came out with Suzanne Vega playing guitar, this one here is from 2007 and here is another one which, I think, is from very recently. No covers here, I don’t want to spoil this.

I know, I’ve already got 13, but I can’t leave this one out:
14. It’s too late by Carol King, another one of my all time favourites. No covers here, either. I don’t want to search through youtube and listen to umpteen people butchering it before I give up finding something halfway decent.

I hope you liked my eclectic mix and possibly discovered something new.

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Image above by clix from stock exchange.

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  1. Like your last two (reminds me that I once song binged on Suzanne Vega’s Luka which I recorded off a TV show a while before it was released). Not heard any of the other songs, but I’m at work now so I guess I’ll have to listen to them some other time.

    Wow, that must be really annoying for your passengers – it’s bad enough when someone puts the same tune on a jukebox over and over again – plus they’ll no doubt be unable to get the tune out of their heads for weeks afterward.

    Song binging for days or weeks is okay I guess, but be careful that it doesn’t get out of control or you could end up just listening to the one song for the rest of your life.

    aneerietapestry’s latest blog post..Sunday Stealing: The 2 for 1 Meme


  2. I sometimes like to hear the same song again, but I use my MP3 so most of the time, I’m the only one who knows the song is repeating. I think a lot of people like to hear songs like that because there’s an option for continuous repeat on my player–I don’t use that one, that’s a little too much for me, but to each her own. Happy TT!


  3. I’ve heard of most of those songs, and like them as well. Though I don’t usually listen to them repeatedly…
    Great TT, thanks for visiting

    mielikki’s latest blog post..Thursday 13


  4. Thanks for stopping by.
    Mark, yes, everybody hates me for doing it, but, hey, in my car I’m in charge.

    Alice, no, I don’t carpool. But if necessary I’m open to negotiations about rotating…

    Brenda, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who does that.


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