A haunted love by J. M. Snyder

Synopsis: Nicholas is working as a re-enactor at a historical colony site. One night when he misses his bus home he meets David, a striking young man dressed in the clothes of the same time period. He takes him for another re-enactor but learns the next day that David is not the glassblower’s apprentice as he stated. He meets him again the next night, but again, after a night in the inn, David has vanished in the morning.

Review: Ghost stories seem to be quite rare. Most paranormal is vampires, weres etc., but ghosts? Not so many.
This was different from what I expected, but in a good way. We don’t learn much about Nicholas, even though the story is told in the first person from his point of view. David appears out of the fog and seems to be as real as Nicholas. There was nothing ghostly about him. He tells Nicholas a few details about his life and there are some clues that he is not what Nicholas takes him for, but for some reason Nicholas dismisses them quickly.

I found this somewhat odd. Of course, nobody expects to meet a ghost, but there were quite a few things that at least should have made Nicholas a bit suspicious as to the nature of his companion. Still, this didn’t take any enjoyment away.


What I liked most about it was the revelation when Nicholas and David met again. Both thought the other man was the ghost. And who’s to say? Both had a life and both thought that the other one always disappeared and left them behind. Like two parallel universes existing next to each other – in fact this was not so much a ghost story, but rather something out of Star Trek.

The ending was even more surprising and a smart way to avoid coming up with a definite conclusion. This was my first book by J.M. Snyder, I’ll definitely check out more.

Available at Aspen Mountain Press

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