Thursday 13: The symbolism of colors

Today is about color. Don’t take my word on all the things that colors symbolize, I collected this from various websites and some were contradicting each other. I had the idea for this TT because of the Idée Labs that creates these images based on your color input from millions of pictures on flickr. Explore it, there are other search options as well, it’s fun!


Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.09 - 004_Bildgröße ändern


…age/aging, warmth, cowardice, caution, happiness, slow, sunshine, summer, the Orient, electricity, liberalism/libertarianism, Easter, wisdom, joy, happiness, Thursday








Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.09 - 003_Bildgröße ändern


desire, warning, fire, flaming, Halloween, power, healing, vitality







RedMagical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.07 - 001_Bildgröße ändern

aggression, blood, stop, courage, guilt, energy, passion, anger, hell, hatred, fire, socialism, sacrifice, sin, violence, negativity, danger, warning, communism, blushing, honor, leadership, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, love, prosperity & joy (China), Tuesday, Mars





Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.08 - 002_Bildgröße ändern


girls, love, health, breast cancer awareness, fairies, Valentine’s Day, homosexuality, bisexuality, spring, Easter, romance







Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.13 - 008_Bildgröße ändern


royalty, imperialism, nobility, Easter, upper class, good judgment, peace of mind







  Light blue

Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.11 - 006_Bildgröße ändern


good imagination, creativity, a practical approach to life, health, healing, tranquility, understanding, softness, Friday






Dark Blue

Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.12 - 007_Bildgröße ändern


ice, water, sky, sadness, winter, royalty, boys, cold, calm, conservatism (universally), capitalism, communication, knowledge, power, integrity, seriousness, Saturday







Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.11 - 005_Bildgröße ändern


nature, growth, hope, youth, health, Islam, spring, envy, fertility, self-respect, well-being, learning, growth, harmony, Wednesday







Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.17 - 010_Bildgröße ändern


nature, earth, soil, skin, classicism, ancient philosophy, knowledge, maple leaf, peace, repressed personality, laziness, stability, Sunday







Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.19 - 013_Bildgröße ändern


boredom, reality, seriousness, neutrality, dullness, mediocrity, undefinedness, contentment, sorrow, security, maturity, dependability







Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.18 - 012_Bildgröße ändern


darkness, secrecy, and mystery; silence and concealment; death (including execution) and bereavement; (with orange) Halloween; end, chaos, and lack; evil, bad luck, and crime; conversely, elegance, , elegance






Magical Snap - 2009.04.30 22.18 - 011_Bildgröße ändern


purity, lack, snow, ice, heaven, peace, life, clean, light, nothing, frost, good, air, innocence, kindness, Monday







Multicolor, just for the fun of it

Magical Snap - 2009.05.19 21.04 - 001

Images all done with the help of Multicolr Search Lab

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  1. It’s funny….that explains it tho, for me. I used to not particularly like yellow for me, personally. Now I read that it is about age/aging. I’m aging mighty quickly these days and I have found in the last few years, I’m now liking yellow. Hmmmmmmm. Interesting.

    Happy Thirteening!

    Hootin’ Anni’s latest blog post..


  2. Awesome. Colors are powerful things, indeed. This brings two things to mind: da Blob, the Wii game, and a cool book called Auralia’s Colors, written by a guy named Jeffrey Overstreet. And a song on the latest Metallica song.

    I never claimed to be able to count. Only to be inspired by things!

    Susan Helene Gottfried’s latest blog post..Only the Good: Newberry Medals!


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