In a wolf’s eyes by Cassandra Gold

Blurb: Months ago, former model Reed Emerson was nearly killed in a car accident. While on a trip to celebrate his recovery, he gets lost in the woods and meets an unusual wolf. When the animal turns out to be more than just a wolf, Reed is astonished and a little afraid.
Werewolf Ethan Amhurst has been alone a long time. Finding Reed lost on his property seems to be a stroke of luck. He wants to show Reed that his scars don’t matter, but can there be any future for a werewolf and a scarred ex-model?

Review: After being so enthusiastic about “Fool for Love” I decided to try out another book by Cassandra Gold, this time a paranormal story with a werewolf. Add a scarred hero as the second protagonist and you have a story that I’m bound to like.

The story goes medias in res with Reed being lost and meeting Ethan, just he doesn’t know it. We only learn what happened to him further on when he confides in Ethan; just what I like, no long prologue and no backstory to go through.

Reed’s reaction to Ethan’s revelation that he is the wolf is pretty astonishing. If I met a man and he told me he was the wolf I slept side by side with last night I’d be more than a little surprised. But I suppose on 47 pages you can’t squeeze in too much misgivings about a werewolf. You either take it or leave it. The slight misunderstanding as to Ethan’s motive to let Reed go so easily is getting cleared up rather quickly with the help of the standard jerk-y ex boyfriend.

There is still a question or two that wasn’t answered. We hardly know anything about Ethan. There is mentioning of the Elders who are against human / were relationships as a rule, but that’s about it. Does he always live in his cabin in the forest?  As far as I know (my knowledge all derives from PNR, but I have to start somewhere) werewolves usually have some sort of pack continuously meddling in everybody’s affairs. Where is it?

But all that aside, I really liked the story. If you like weres, paranormal and a straight storyline with no ramifications, this is great for you.

Available at Cobblestone Press

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  1. Rikki, this one sounds like another good one. I love shifter stories so I’ll definitely add this one to my buy list.



  2. If you like shifters, you’ll like this one. I just would have liked for it to be a bit longer, so we would know more about Ethan. This one definitely calls for a sequel…


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