Songs you know by heart by Dr. Noh

This is a story that I found through a link at Uniquely Pleasurable.

David gets mugged on the way home from a party. He’s got no money on him and – as compensation – he offers the mugger a blowjob…

Think this sounds like a fantastic story? You got it right. It is.

David is a complete arsehole. A cynic who treats everybody like shit. He’s jaded and uncaring. Jazz, the mugger, is a talented pianist, who was out for some money to buy a suit at a thrift store in order to find a job. He is getting more and more emotionally involved with David, he moves in with him (sort of) and believes they have a thing going on. David doesn’t think so.

This kept me enthralled from start to finish. The slow and subtle change for David from a total jerk to an ok guy was done perfectly. He didn’t even want it himself, it just happened.

If you like intense stories, rough sex scenes, an original plot and great characterization, pick this one up! Best of all – it’s free!

I must admit that I don’t get Live Journal at all. I have no clue how it works, but I think in this case if you go to Shousetsu Bang*Bang’s Live Journal homepage (or whatever it is called)  there is more to be discovered.

Available at the LJ of s2b2

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