The Caldwell Effect by Remmy Duchene

Blurb: Stone Caldwell has always been a good boy; the nerd in high school, you know the one. The one with the thick glasses, nose stuck in a book, with the tall lanky body. Even after he’s grown up and gets himself a brand new body, he still drives the speed limit, pays his taxes on time… until Brent Harrison walks back into his life. 
Brent Harrison would not have been caught dead even talking to Stone Caldwell in high school, but when he needs help with a case he is working on, the only person that comes to mind is the tall, lanky nerd with glasses.  Tracking him down to a bunch of successful nightclubs, Brent walks in to find Stone behind the counter of one and even Brent had to admit that Stone had grown up in all the right and sexy places.
Unfortunately, one bullet threatens to cut the cut their reunion short.

Review: Severe SPOILERS ahead!

Brent was a bully in high school, he and Stone never were friends. Now, years later, Brent needs Stone’s help to find a hacker and realizes that Stone looks great. Enough for him to want him, the sooner the better. Stone on the other hand finds Brent very attractive and decides to play a little with him and then drop him to get his revenge. What sort of revenge is that? To arouse someone and then leave him unsatisfied? That is the revenge for years of being bullied in high school?

Then Stone realizes that he is petty and that Brent feels really bad about his behaviour in school. Since he desired Brent from the start he now switches gears and gets real. They become a couple and irrevocably in love. Wow, this was quick.

Then they find a clue as to who the hacker is. That mystery is a bit confusing, too. I don’t understand how the hacker worked, why he was detected in the first place and how Stone could identify him so quickly. But that aside. Now they have a suspect and what do they do? Brent, the police officer, gives his bullet-proof vest to Stone, who wants to come along (they did agree that he has to wait outside, so why he would take the vest and Brent wouldn’t I don’t know). He, himself, goes without one. They go to the suspect’s house, Brent goes in alone and gets shot. Now, is that believable at all? Let me say it again. The officer gets some lab guy to bring a warrant to the suspect’s house. He goes in without any backup whatsoever (and without his bullet-proof vest) to arrest the suspect, while lab guy and newly found love wait outside. And then he gets shot. I don’t know much about police work, but this sounds extremely wrong to me.

So Brent almost dies, gets major surgery, is released very quickly and ready to jump into bed with Stone at the next opportunity, which arises very quickly. That’s about it.

If you have read any of my previous reviews you know that I am more than willing to suspend any sort of disbelief, but this story was too much, even for me. 

Available at Dreamspinner Press

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