Straight Tequila Night by Rhianne Aile

Synopsis: Mark meets his high school crush Dylan in a bar. He has never been able to forget Dylan, even though Dylan never even noticed him enough to remember his name. The two hit it off immediately this time and Mark is planning for more than just a quick one night stand.

Review: Mark & Dylan have known each other in high school so I can’t say that this is instant chemistry. It is true for Dylan, though, who feels attracted to Mark immediately now that he has noticed him properly. Mark, on the other hand, has been fantasizing about Dylan since they were fellow students even though Dylan acted like a total jerk. What can you say, it’s always the jerks who are most admired.

Now, 16 years later, the two men click at once and spend a nice evening together with a promise for more the next night. And so it is. Hot love and the prospect of a possible relationship. We were told already that Dylan has some sort of lover who makes him put up with a lot of crap and I was waiting for the inevitable confrontation.
Surprisingly that angle resolves itself very quickly. I expected Paul to cause some sort of trouble to make it harder for Dylan and Mark to come together. Instead it is a misunderstanding that seems to threaten their HEA. Not for long though. Everything gets cleared up and smoothens the way for their future together.

One thing that bothered me a bit were the quick declarations of love. I’m all for loving each other, but Dylan has known Mark for about two days (I’m not counting high school years, as he was treating Mark badly then). Mark has been in love forever, so to see his fantasy coming true probably makes him giddy and emotional, but Dylan? I don’t really see that at that speed.
Other than that, it was totally enjoyable. The love scenes were hot – and they were love scenes, not just some quick getting off. If you want a quick read without much tension and a lot of loving, this is it.

Available at Dreamspinner Press (in the bottom half of the list; I don’t think there is an anchor)

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