To find and to keep by Serena Yates

Blurb: Four years ago Ryan’s parents disowned him for being gay. To escape their threats, he ran away to Canada. Now his twin sister Nicole is getting married to his best friend Peter, and Ryan will risk anything to attend. Help arrives in the most unexpected form: Peter’s older brother Daniel, the man Ryan had loved from afar.

Review: There are some aspects in this story that I really liked and some that I couldn’t really connect with.

The story is extremely sweet. And when I say sweet I mean it. Nothing destroys the atmosphere, except for a short intermezzo with Ryan’s parents, to which I will come later. Everybody is very nice, understanding, supportive. When Daniel meets Ryan in front of the church, there is an instant connection and nothing can sever it again. The reaction of Ryan’s sister and Peter, her husband and Ryan’s old friend, was just what Ryan needed. I don’t mind sweet stories with only little conflict, so that is not what bothered me about this story.

What I didn’t find so great were the following:

  • Daniel went to the church that evening because he followed a gut feeling. Fair enough, we all have them, but it was too vague for me. He just felt like he had to go there. It is possible, but somehow it was mentioned too much in passing only afterwards. I would have liked that to be explained or explored a bit more.
  • Ryan’s parents were just horrible, but for such villains they faded into the background too quickly. They kicked him out, disowned him, lied about his leaving, made threats to even harm his friends if he let them help him. Reason for all this: he’s gay. I’m not saying there are no such people, but that was just too much. When Ryan met them at the wedding, there was a short moment where I thought, now is the moment where the conflict will erupt and get settled one way or the other, but it didn’t. The moment went by and nothing… After that they were gone with one more short mentioning of them.
  • Daniel and Ryan were both virgins. Possible again, but feasible? I don’t know really, it didn’t feel right.
  • Daniel and Ryan have known the other for a long time. Loved each other without knowing that their feelings are returned. Now found each other again. Made love. Unfortunately there was no sexual tension to speak of, at least I didn’t feel any. And without tension there is not much fun.
  • Daniel’s proposal came way too fast. He proposed the day after they met again. Even considering that they have known each other for years  before Ryan left, they were only friends at the time. A bit more together time before deciding to get married would have been better.

Even though the initial storyline sounded good, there was stuff that just didn’t work out for me. That’s why the story wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been. But if you like it sweet and without any complications whatsoever, this might be for you.

Available at Dreamspinner Press


Sunday Stealing: The ABC Meme

Sunday Stealing: The ABC Meme

A – An advantage you have – I’m a woman
B – Blue or brown eyes – what if they are green? I’m lucky, I guess – blue
C – Chore you hate – almost anything household related
D – Dad’s name – Johann
E – Essential start of your day – Coffee
F – Favorite color – brownish
G – Greatest thing you’ve ever done that made you feel really good – do these memes always have to be so dramatic?
H – Habit you have – non-smoking
I – Issue you hate that the world tries to make you pursue – Nobody tries to make me pursue anything
J – Job title – I have none
K – Kohls or Target – no clue what you’re talking about, so it’s neither
L – Living arrangements – rented flat
M – Music you like – The Smiths
N – Nicknames – I’m not saying
O – Overnight hospital stay – only when I gave birth
P – Pet Peeve – plenty
Q – Quote that you like most – One of them is “Enjoy yourself.  It’s later than you think.  ~Chinese Proverb
R – Right or left handed – right
S – Siblings – none
T – Time you wake up – around 6, not of my own volition
U – Underwear – yes
V – Vegetable you dislike – almost all of them
W – What makes you run late – oversleeping, that hardly ever happens though, see letter T
X – X-rays you’ve had – teeth, thyroid, lungs
Y – Yummy food you make – Lasagna
Z – Zoo animal – giraffes


Weekly Geeks 2009-24: Trivia Time

This week’s Weekly Geeks:

Though I’m really not very good at it, I love trivia. Put books and trivia together and you’ve got a perfect match. So I thought it would be a fun Weekly Geek activity for us to come up with some book trivia questions to ask each other.
So take a moment, don’t stress about it all, and write down five to ten questions that pop into your mind. You could center all your questions around a particular theme or genre, maybe something in which you specialize. Or ask questions about one certain book. Or teach us about your favorite author through your questions.
You could do really easy ones that you know we’ll all get or really hard ones that will challenge even the best of us.

I love trivia. This is going to be fun…

Right, here we go. Since 7 is a good number I go with seven random questions.


1. These are the first lines from a book. Which one and by whom is it?

At the beginning of the summer I had lunch with my father, the gangster, who was in town for the weekend to transact some of his vague business.

2. What Shakespearian play is this quote from?

“This is the monstruosity in love, lady, – that the will is infinite, and the execution confined; that the desire is boundless, and the act a slave to limit.”

3. What is Dr. Watson’s middle name?

4. What was the first book Dr. Seuss wrote?

5. Who invented Shangri-La and in what novel?

6. In “The name of the rose” what is the name of the Abbot’s horse that William of Baskerville deducts correctly?

7. What measures did the Portuguese take to prevent further earthquakes? What was the infallible secret to hinder the earth from quaking?


Please post your answers in the comments and visit other weekly geeks’ trivia. I’ll post the solutions to the questions later on in the week.


GLBT bookshelf

The fairly new GLBT bookshelf, a community for everyone and everything GLBT book related (created out of frustration about the infamous amazon fail) has released its press release with more info.

Bestselling gay author Mel Keegan has masterminded a web-based cohesive organization combining the skills of writers, publishers, editors, agents, reviewers and artists in the GLBT community to provide an unprecedented public access portal to independent- and small-publisher titles. GLBT Bookshelf is an online resource designed to counter the perceived discriminatory practices of major players in the book retail scene.

Read the complete GLBT bookshelf press release


Special delivery by Cassandra Gold

A really sweet story. The office atmosphere was pretty realistic. All the secretaries being hot for Tim, yeah, those UPS guys have something going for them. Mark was so shy and self-conscious, you just had to love him. Again, as I already said in my review for Fool for love, two guys take it slow and mean it. Nice change! A lovely and quick read.

Available at Freya’s Bower


Win and Lose by TC Blue

Blurb: When Luzien Bascombe finds himself lost in the middle of more snow than he’s ever seen in his life, he starts to expect things he’d rather not. Like death. What he doesn’t expect is to find someone like Win out there in the middle of nowhere, and he really doesn’t expect to find himself falling for Win so quickly.

Winston St. James doesn’t know what to make of the young man he finds on his doorstep; not even when Luz makes it clear that he wouldn’t mind a bit of fun in Win’s bed. He does know that Luz has a life to get back to, though, which becomes harder and harder to accept. The world is never perfect, so when Luz has to go, he tries to make the best of things. Will Luz and Win get past their old hurts and take a chance on each other, Win or Lose?

Review: It seems to me that TC Blue has a preference for the lovers getting separated for some reason or other at one point in the story. And even though I know this and don’t like it I keep going back to reading her stories nevertheless. Why do I do it? Because the scenes when the two guys finally get back together again are irresistible. TC has a knack of writing love scenes that just work for me. Period. No matter what else happens in the story – and I am not saying that the storylines don’t work, they do – the love scenes alone would be making it worthwhile. I can’t put my finger on it, but for me they just do it.

The same here. Win and Luz (I’m pretty slow, I must admit, I only got the pun with the title when it was explained in the story, :-)) are so great together and feel so much for each other, it’s a pleasure to read about them. Once again they wouldn’t admit it to each other and it takes some time and work for them to figure everything out. In fact I had a slight problem with that because from what happens in the story they actually knew what was going on. At one point this happens:

Win wasn’t sure of how he was going to make things work, but he for damned sure would. Even if it meant closing up shop and moving to the city. Any city. There was no way he could give this up.

Only a little later Luz picks up this:

Win was just making an offer, Luz figured. Sort of. He thought Win was just putting it out there that if Luz was interested, he would be willing to see what might happen.

So, this should really settle the whole thing. Win wants more, offers it tentatively to Luz and Luz recognizes it for what it is. Luz knows that he, himself, is interested. So, what’s the problem? Why does he leave without admitting to wanting more if he knows that this is what Win wants, too? Win might not have been aware of the fact that Luz returned his feelings, because he never expressed them that openly, but Luz should have been aware of Win’s. But this was only a minor thing, and possibly I’m just pernickety.

This is a sweet story that pretty much focuses on the couple and their feelings and thoughts.

If you like cabin romance with hot love scenes and great guys, get it!

Available at Torquere Books


Seeing love by Sean Michael

You would think that this story has a lot of potential for conflict. A middle-aged, blind businessman and a young rent-boy hired as a reader. There is an age gap, difference in backgrounds, outside pressure. All those could make both their lives miserable, but there are almost no problems whatsoever. A slight disturbance with the usual evil ex, which is resolved quickly and we go back to the regularly scheduled program. If you like a typical Sean Michael story, get it.

Available at Torquere Books


Diving in deep by K. A. Mitchell

Blurb: You never forget your first time.

Cameron Lewis loves his job as an instructor/trainer for a water safety firm that inspects water parks. He gets to travel from March through September, always moving on to something different. When a strange emptiness starts plaguing him, he chalks it up to turning thirty.
He manages to shake off the feeling—until he walks into a classroom and discovers that the eye candy in the front row is actually a very grown up version of his best-friend’s kid brother.
Noah Winthrop never forgot his first time. Scary, painful and then absolutely amazing—and with Cameron, the guy he’d always wanted. He’s had a crush on his brother’s best friend since puberty and now nothing will keep him from finally getting Cameron Lewis to notice him.
Even though Cameron once rejected him, Noah is determined to get it right this time.

Review: I can’t really say I was too impressed with either one of the two guys.

Noah has had a crush on Cameron that never went away. He had other relationships, but Cameron was always in the back of his mind. Fair enough, but at some points I felt that he let this crush that turned to love rule him. In a lot of scenes I wanted to tell him to just leave for Christ’s sake and let Cameron see what it feels like to be the one left behind. Of course, Noah didn’t want to do that, because he was in love, but sometimes you just have to do stuff you’re not happy with.

I didn’t like Cameron very much. He rejected Noah when he was 15, which is understandable. Then after one night of hot sex a few years later he just left without even a note. After meeting again Noah declined Cameron’s invitation, which I was quite happy about, but unfortunately this was about the only time that Cameron didn’t get what he was after right away. Of course, this is due to Noah’s giving in all the time, but still, Cameron took everything for granted. He often thought of Noah as a “brat”, a term I don’t associate with someone you sleep with.

And sleep with each other they did. A lot. Loads of hot and hotter sex scenes. In fact, sex was the solution to the problems that were never discussed but rather smothered with kisses and subsequent shagging. They hardly ever sat down and actually talked about Noah’s issues with Cameron being away most of the time or Cameron’s issue with going to the family Christmas party. Only when Noah realizes he wants more than Cameron is willing to give, he finally walks out the door. Which, in turn, finally causes Cameron to sit down and think about what he wants and that he has to bloody work for it. I just couldn’t connect to Cameron and his attitude of being the superior, smug older man who needs nobody and has it all under control.

If you like a lot of sex scenes and a couple with problems that they don’t address openly until the very end, this is the book for you.

Available at Samhain Publishing


Promise of the heart by Chrissy Munder

Second chances is always something I enjoy reading about. I liked the characters and how they interacted. What I could have done without was the love scene right at the beginning. I don’t care very much for scenes like this without context and without knowing the relationship between the characters. In fact I skipped most of it. Other than that I liked it a lot.

Available at Dreamspinner Press


Gently down the stream by Connie Bailey

Blurb: Heading to his country home after a long week of work, Matthew Janssen meets a young man on the train – a startlingly handsome young man named Albin, who claims he can read Matthew’s mind and show him his most hidden desires.  But when he wakes at his stop, he’s alone.  Leaving the terminal, Matthew dismisses the incident as an erotic daydream – until he collides with the same young man, who’s just missed the last train.  Albin insists he’s never seen Matthew before, but Matthew isn’t about to let him disappear a second time

Review: This is a very short story, but a lot happens. It is not action packed or anything, but a man in his forties changes the course of his life completely.

When Matthew meets the mysterious Albin on the train he has no clue what he has in store for him. The young man makes Matthew realize that his whole life so far has been a façade to cover up what he really wants. Albin fans a hidden fire and evokes dreams that Matthew himself has never acknowledged. Pretty good going for a short train ride. After Matthew meets the “real life” Albin he decides to act according to the newly made discoveries and take the bull by the horns.

I liked the whole set up. I liked Albin, or rather both of them. I liked how Matthew didn’t shilly-shally about, but simply did what he felt like doing without any further qualms. I liked the surreal atmosphere when he met Albin on the train. I liked how Matthew and Albin II interacted later on. They were just good together from start to finish.

If you are looking for a slight paranormal touch and lovable characters, a very short read (only 25 pages) and yet a decent plot, read it!

Available at Dreamspinner Press


Weekly Geeks 2009-23: Reading challenges

This week’s Weekly Geeks:

"Reading Challenges: a help or a hurt? Do you find that the reading challenges keep you organized and goal-oriented? Or, do you find that as you near the end of a challenge that you’ve failed because you fell short of your original goals? As a result of some reading challenges, I’ve picked up books that I would have otherwise never heard of or picked up; that, frankly, I have loved. Have you experienced the same with challenges? If so, which ones? Do you have favourite reading challenges?"

The first reading challenge I participated in was at a romance reading group at Shelfari. I had never heard of reading challenges before and found the concept sounded like fun. I chose to read 15 books and I enjoyed choosing the books and to think about what book would fit the single challenges best.  Since we were asked to review what we were reading this challenge also had me starting reviewing books on this blog in the first place. Unfortunately I never finished the challenge and still have about 4 books to read which are now sitting on my shelf.

On J. Kaye’s book blog I joined a few other challenges, which I enjoyed but those didn’t keep me going either. I discovered a few authors though that I really liked. Somehow in the middle of all those challenges my interest shifted to gay fiction and I didn’t want to spend more time reading romance with damsels in distress or the usual TSTL heroines.

The only challenge I’m participating in at the moment is Anesthezea’s m/m romance challenge. I didn’t use any of the hints or special options and just read what I feel like, but I have – as some others – passed the 10 books mark a long time ago. Since the challenge started I read and reviewed 46 stories here, not counting all the ones that I didn’t review for some reason or other (see my last weekly geeks post about catching up on reviews).

Even though I might not follow through the challenges all the time I still like the thought. I discovered new authors, got recommendations from others and found books I probably wouldn’t have read otherwise. I don’t take them too seriously though. If I like something I’ll read it no matter whether it will fit into a challenge or not. After all reading is supposed to be fun and not a chore that needs to meet certain criteria.


Amazon from A-Z

On The Millions I read an article about the ABCs of amazon. What turns up in the auto complete search field when you enter just a letter? The most searched for terms appear in a drop down list. I thought it might be fun to see what would be the ABC of amazon in Germany when you look in the English book dept. This is what I got today:

Agatha Christie

Black Dagger
Yes, the Brotherhood is very popular over here as well

Charlaine Harris
True Blood hasn’t even been on TV, but already Harris is the top C search term

Dan Brown
Who cares?

Elizabeth George
The Germans love British detective stories

Fred Vargas
Never heard of him, but his books seem to be whodunits.

Gossip Girl
Seemingly a teenage fiction series, never heard of it.

Harry Potter

Ian Rankin

Janet Evanovich
It seems a lot of Germans who read English books go for romance…

Ken Follett

Lara Adrian
…and vampire romance

Marian Keyes
…and romance again

Nora Roberts
…and again

Oscar Wilde
I’m not surprised

Patricia Briggs
Isn’t this PNR as well of some sort, werewolves, I think


Rachel Gibson
…looks like romance again

Stephenie Meyer
…here comes the YA variety

…what else?

There’s a surprise. I reckon it’s the most popular term at the moment because everybody wanted to be prepared for Bloomsday 3 days ago.

what else could be the V word?

Obviously a SF series


I probably contributed to this myself with my eternal search for some manga to read recently


It seems the search for (paranormal) romance and bestsellers is equally popular on .de and .com.


Larry Fletcher checks out of the Heartbreak Hotel by D.G.Parker

Blurb: Jaded and hurting from a recent breakup, Larry’s not exactly having the time of his life in Vegas for his best friend’s wedding. But his luck begins to change at the Love Me Tender Wedding Chapel, where The King not only marries his friends, but takes on the challenge of teaching Larry to Viva Las Vegas and enjoy some Burning Love.


Review: I got this story simply because I loved the title. “Heartbreak Hotel” is one of my favourite songs by Elvis, so I had to get it.

It is short, we don’t know much about Larry, just that he got dumped four months ago and is heartbroken. But of course, he has to attend his friends’ wedding. Those two are madly in love and if I had had to be around them a bit longer they probably would have gotten on my nerves. You know the typical smooching couple. At the wedding Larry meets Elvis who is determined to get him out of his funk. As it happens the King turns out to be a well-endowed stud indeed.

Larry was moping around a bit naturally, but once he is out with Elvis he quickly gets into the swing of things. The story has some really funny lines, something way too rare in romance. Often it’s all about angst, complications, problems of some sort or other, so to read a story which is pure fun and shows lots of humour is really refreshing.

A fast and fun read! I need to check out other stuff by D. G. Parker soon.

The story is part of Dreamspinner’s June’s daily dose “To hand and to hold”, but also available separately at Dreamspinner Press (Scroll down, there is no anchor).


The Squire by Shawn Lane

A rather short historical. However, I thought the time in between Duncan’s leaving and Sir William finding him was way too rushed. Duncan left furtively and disappeared. The next scene is set a few weeks later and Sir William turns up to look for Duncan at the place Duncan is working at. Even though I’m not into prolonged separation of lovers, this was too short and cut off even for me. The blurb is here slightly exaggerated.

Available at Amber Allure


Chosen by Sean Michael

This is the sequel to Need. There are a few situations where I thought, right, now the conflict is starting to break out but it never did – not really. Bast and Trick are having sex so often, it’s amazing they have time for anything else at all. Bast’s friends got on my nerves towards the end. The story is wrapped up nicely and comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Available at Torquere Books


His Gift by Clare London

Blurb: Steven Macklin wakes up in a ditch one morning in foul, wet weather with no idea where he is or how he came to be there.  He’s seriously injured but struggles across bleak heathland to find shelter.  The only house he can find appears weather-beaten and deserted, although he’s too sensible a guy to fall for the cliché of a spooky ghost mansion – isn’t he?  But when he collapses and is taken into the house by the handsome Eliot, he finds himself in a very disturbing situation – and also in the bed of this strange, very possessive man.

Review: This was surreal from start to finish. The whole atmosphere is very spooky, we don’t know what time the house is supposed to be in, what strange parallel universe. No other people are around, it’s really eerie.

Steven is down to earth, yet he can’t seem to withstand the strange attraction that Eliot represents. He’s basically putty in Eliot’s hands. We know nothing about Eliot apart from the few facts that he himself gives away. And even those don’t tell us much about his past, his family, his “affliction”. Steven is “his gift” that he wished for and was given and that’s that. Strangely enough in the course of time Steven accepts this more or less until one day he’s bound to leave to find out more about himself.

The love scenes are very sensual and I could easily see why Steven doesn’t really care to leave most of the time, ;-).

I can’t really say more about the plot without giving away the end which came as quite a surprise. The story is not very long and I just couldn’t put it down,  I just had to know what is going on in that strange house.

Available at Aspen Mountain Press


The Professor’s secret passion by M. L. Rhodes

I found Aidan’s qualms about starting a relationship with Nate somewhat exaggerated. The situation was totally different from the one that made him keep his distance. But I don’t know enough about life at US universities, so I might be totally wrong about this. Other than that I liked the story a lot. Nate’s declaration of love that came somewhere in the middle of the book is about the sweetest one ever. I absolutely loved that part!

Available at Amber Allure


Sunday Stealing: The Blue Rene Meme

Sunday Stealing: The Blue Rene Meme

1. What thing is nearest to you ? My coffee
2. What is your ringtone ? A generic one that came with my phone
3. What was the last message in your inbox ? A nice one
4. Who is your best friend ? You wouldn’t know her
5. What is the brand of your TV ? Grundig
6. What schools did you attend? Do you want to know the names?
7. Do you own a MP4?  Yes, and I own a few doc, xls and psd
8. What song are you listening to now ? None
9. Did you kiss anybody in the past 2 days ? Yes
10. Have you ever kissed someone you met in the blogosphere? No
11. What would you want to call if you weren’t your current name ? What sort of sentence is this? Are you illiterate?
12. Would you be happy if you had everything ? Probably I’d want more.
13. Are you always thinking of someone special? No
14. Tell us of your most desperate dream? I can’t remember if I ever had any “desperate” dreams
15. When did you last laugh till you cried? Probably only recently, even though I can’t remember now.
16. If you had a crush, would you tell them you love him/her now ? No. But having a crush doesn’t mean that I “love” him/her anyway.
17. If you could be anywhere in the world now, where would you want to be ? Some holiday location
18. When was your heart last broken? That was some time ago already
19. Whose birthday(s) is/are coming up? Mine
20. How many email accounts do you have? Offhand I can remember 8.


The one that was lost by TC Blue

Blurb: Elliot is a player until a traumatic evening sends him running    a friend’s errand to Boston, where he meets up with Jamie. Jamie’s a former short-term lover, and the two get along well enough, but Elliot doesn’t want a relationship. Jamie and Elliot end up being friends who are very attracted to each other, separated by distance.
Jamie likes Elliot and thinks they could have some fun together, right up until he realizes he wants something more, but Jamie tells himself it will never work. After they spend a night making love, the intensity of which scares Elliot enough to run away, Jamie tries to put Elliot behind him. When Elliot realizes what he’s given up, he goes looking to get Jamie back, but will Jamie make it easy on him?

Review: I liked Elliot a lot in the previous book “The one that got away”. He’s young, attractive and a player. In the last book he hooked up with Jamie for some encounters and that was that for them. Part of “The one that got away” was replayed again, this time from the POV of Jamie and Elliot, which was great to read. The two men get along well enough, but didn’t really care to know each other any more than on a physical level.

A bad experience makes him leave for Boston where he meets Jamie again. I totally loved how Jamie helps Elliot out here. Not only does he make him feel ok again – sort of –, but also he manages to distract him, to become close friends with him and to make sure he was reassured that he was fine.

After Elliot leaves again Jamie’s dads keep him busy. I must admit that I wasn’t too pleased with those two guys. In fact they annoyed me a lot at this point. Jamie is an intelligent, educated man who can make his own choices. Mike is definitely out of the race. Elliot is a good looking man, smart, even if not as educated as Jamie, and a bit younger, but so what. Why those two condescending, well-meaning fathers think they have to reprimand Jamie for his choice of friends is beyond me. Yeah, he is not like Mike. Tell you what, the way Mike behaved in “The one that got away” didn’t scream common sense and grown-up behaviour to me. The way he acted at the beginning of this story when he found out that Jamie and Elliot had spent the night was just as ridiculous. What business is it of his? So, to use him as a role model for any future partner for Jamie is a bit over the top, to say the least. I can’t help thinking that even TC Blue herself is not too fond of him; I sure am not. Towards the end of the book David and Russell eventually redeem themselves again. Not that I care for them now, but at least they tried to be fair.

Elliot is really good at self-delusion. When even he can see that Jamie is not only a sex partner to him any more he starts to deny it to himself. Jamie on the other hand is nothing but honest with himself. He analyzes everything to tiny bits and acts on it. Where he goes where his mind takes him, Elliot goes with his gut feeling. He wakes up and feels scared and uncomfortable? He gets up and leaves without another word or note. This time the leaving of a character was much more understandable for me. Michael’s leaving in the previous book was uncalled for, but Elliot’s makes perfect sense from his point of view. Amazing that this seemingly “superficial” and flighty man actually seems to know Jamie better than Jamie knows him. Totally out of his known character. He probably has never known anybody as well as he knows Jamie, including himself.

I so liked the way he and Jamie got back together again, the wooing, the gifts, aw, lovely. And the “re-unification scene” at the end of the book left nothing to be desired. “The one that was lost” is going to be a definite favourite. If you like some angst, insecurities and fear of commitment, great guys who are not only lovers but friends and great supporting characters (however much I didn’t care for them) read this!

Available at Torquere Books


Weekly Geeks 2009-22: Catching up on reviews

This week’s weekly geeks has a number of tasks, but I’ll stick with one that I can do and follow up.

1. In your blog, list any books you’ve read but haven’t reviewed yet. If you’re all caught up on reviews, maybe you could try this with whatever book(s) you hope to finish this week.

Just this week Nicola from Alpha Heroes has done some very short reviews in the style of Stumbling over chaos. In fact I thought about quick reviews already during the weekly geeks where we were to think about doing a review in another reviewer’s format, but never got around to it.

So, I think that this is what I’ll do. I’ll now just list those books that are waiting to be blogged about and do it in a speedy manner. Maybe just a few lines, no blurb, but with a link to the shop where you can buy it. I’m just not sure whether to do one per post or a bunch together. It might be easier to find a specific one if they are all individual posts, but the posts would be very short. Oh, not sure yet. I’ll see how the first one turns out and go from there.

The list that I want to work off is:

  • Unstoppable force by Lisa Marie Davis
  • Testament to Love by Ariel Tachna
  • In search of fireworks by Ariel Tachna
  • The professor’s secret passion by M. L. Rhodes
  • Fallen Angel by Sean Michael and it’s sequel Watching Angels (in “Bus stories”)
  • Seeing Love by Sean Michael
  • Chosen by Sean Michael, the sequel to “Need”
  • Weathering the storm by Nicki Bennett & Ariel Tachna and its sequel Coming home (in “Reflections of Love”)
  • Object of his desire by Ava March
  • The Officer and the Gentleman by J. P. Bowie
  • The Sight of home by Sean Michael
  • From the get go by Sean Michael
  • Gently down the stream by Connie Bailey
  • Hearing beauty by Mike Shade
  • Welcome home by Sean Michael
  • Dissonance by Sonja Spencer
  • The Squire by Shawn Lane
  • Special Delivery by Cassandra Gold
  • Feathers by Vincent Diamond
  • Unspoken by Willa Okati
  • The one that was lost by TC Blue (I hope to finish this one this weekend, but this one will get a full  review))

OMG, what a list to do! There are a few more that I put on the backburner. I better get going…

Find more Weekly Geeks!

Edit: After posting my first quick review I think it’s nicer to have individual posts for each one. I named the quick reviews "In a nutshell" to distinguish them from the longer ones. 



Stray by Cassandra Gold

Blurb: J’s life has been tough ever since his father disowned him for being gay, but when his abusive boyfriend kicks him out, things get even worse.
While searching for a shelter to spend the night in, J is accosted by a strange man who needs a place to hide. Despite his fear, J agrees to take the man with him to a safe place.
Will helping the stranger turn out to be yet another mistake, or will it lead him to happiness at last?

Review: J and Hunter meet when both are in a tricky situation. Hunter is being, well, hunted, and J is looking for a place to stay after being once more abused by his “boyfriend”. In fact, boyfriend is too good a word for that creep. J takes Hunter with him to a shelter and they sort of connect in an innocent way. When Hunter finds out about the dimension of the abuse J has to suffer he decides to take him with him.

Just like in “In a wolf’s eyes” J’s reaction to the revelation of Hunter’s true nature was surprisingly quick and natural. No fretting, no worries, just acceptance. Again, in such a short story (the word count is only 8160 words) there wouldn’t be room for denial and slow reluctant getting used to it.

This was a very quick and nice read. If you expect hot sex scenes, be warned, there aren’t any. The relationship between J and Hunter develops slowly over time (a period we hardly witness, since a lot of it is skipped) and only at the end of the story we learn that both feel the same for each other. Anything physical is only hinted at.

Available at Red Rose Publishing


Thursday 13: Extraordinary words

text_flickr_HkucheraToday’s Thursday 13 is about extraordinary words in various languages.


  1. “yuputka” (Ulwa, Nicaragua) means “having the sensation of something crawling on one’s skin”
  2. “nggregeli” (Indonesian) means “to drop something due to nerves”
  3. “’alo’alo kiki” (Hawaiian) is “to dodge the rain by moving quickly”
  4. “ngetem” (Indonesian) means “to stop (a bus) longer than necessary at unauthorized points along the route to the terminus to look for more paying passengers”
  5. “kopuhia” (Rapa Nui, Easter Island) means “someone who disappears instead of dedicating himself to work”
  6. “nglayap” (Indonesian) is "to wander far from home with no particular purpos"
  7. “umudrovat se” (Czech) means “to philosophize oneself into the madhouse”
  8. “guzuguzu” (Japanese) is “to vacillate, procrastinate or stretch out a job”
  9. “pandir” (Indonesian) is someone who is stupid, but innocent and honest
  10. “seka seka” (Bemba, Congo and Zambia) means “to laugh without reason”
  11. “uttori” (Japanese) means “to be enraptured by the loveliness of something”
  12. “tadlis” (Persian) is “to conceal the faults of goods on sale”
  13. “cazar” (Spanish) means “to kick one’s opponent and not the ball”

All words are from “The Meaning of Tingo and other extraordinary words from around the world”. I am somewhat doubtful that everything is 100% correct, since some of the German words in the book are slightly off. But nevertheless, they are fun.

Image from Hkuchera at flickr

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