Forgotten Song by Ally Blue

Blurb: You don’t expect the love of your life to literally fall at your feet. Ben Carson sure as hell didn’t. But when a mysterious stranger passes out cold at Ben’s feet after a street fight, Ben knows right away that this could be something special, that this man isn’t like anyone else he’s ever known.
Eric Green intrigues Ben from the first. The heat between them is fierce and immediate. But it’s more than a physical attraction. Ben is drawn to the sorrow and vulnerability that lie behind Eric’s hot temper and suspicious nature. Generous, open, and trusting, Ben vows to help Eric put the violence and abuse of his past behind him and heal the damage it did to him.
As Ben tears down the walls Eric has built around himself and Eric learns to trust again, the powerful attraction between them grows and deepens into a love that could last a lifetime. But the past isn’t always so easily pushed aside…

Review: OK, now I know why Ally Blue is known as the Queen of Angst. I read Untamed Heart and Eros rising which were angst-y admittedly, but still not too bad. Then I read Catching a buzz which was fluffy and fun. With “Forgotten Song” I understand where her title is coming from. Bloody Hell, compared to Eric Orlando from the Partnership in Blood series is almost happy-go-lucky. Eric has not only to deal with his angst that stems from events in his past, he and Ben are also threatened by a psychopathic father and a second Jeffrey Dahmer. It can’t get any more angst-y than that.

I loved Eric and Ben a lot. Ben was so down-to-earth, understanding and patient, absolutely incredible – not many people would put up with all that baggage. Considering his past Eric was amazingly sane. He had to deal with a lot of issues and this was no easy path, but he kept up pretty well. Once more Ally Blue doesn’t take the easy way out with a miraculous healing. It takes the two men a long time to get together on a physical level. They click immediately and become friends, but Eric has to become ready first to take another step in their relationship. And even then it’s never easy.

As for the supporting characters, I found well-meaning Janey, Ben’s best friend, slightly annoying. She has good reasons for her behaviour, but her hostile attitude towards Eric and her unspeakable rudeness really grated on my nerves. Ben is an adult and quite a sensible one at that. Give the man some credit! Janey hints at other instances when he picked up strays, but since he’s still alive and kicking, he obviously never picked up a mass-murderer, for Christ’s sake. I don’t know whether I’m a particularly bad friend, but I never meddle in my friends’ lives in such a way. People like Janey who constantly think they know what’s best for their friends and act on that supposed knowledge are aggravating. If someone’s in love they don’t listen anyway; this is shown here once more and almost leads to a broken friendship.

The first two thirds of the book are pretty slow and deal with Ben and Eric’s developing relationship. In the last third the pace picks up and some violent action starts. I probably could have done with a little less of that – I usually skip violence altogether –, but it was necessary to resolve the issues from Eric’s past once and for all. The true HEA is the perfect conclusion to this story.

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  1. Ally does like to torture her boys. 😀

    Untamed Heart and Easy have even more angst than this one. Fireflies is pretty angsty too. I love Ally’s writing, but I have to spread her books out because I’m sensitive to emotional books and they’re too heavy to read all in a row.

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  2. Jen, thanks for stopping by. I found Forgotten Song more disturbing than Untamed heart, probably because of the outside factors that I thought were more threatening. Easy is on my TBR list, Fireflies I have yet to check out. Thanks for the tip. I’m coming to really like Ally’s writing style.


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