Love’s Evolution by Ally Blue

Blurb: Love is the journey of a lifetime.
Chris Tucker is a cultured and sophisticated gentleman. Matt Gallagher is a pierced and tattooed wild child. Not exactly the pair you’d expect to become a couple. But the sparks fly between them from the moment they meet, and the fire never goes out.
Through the first rush of attraction to falling in love, through jealousy and sexual experimentation and a life-threatening injury, the bond they share grows and deepens. Come along with Matt and Chris on their journey, and share their joys and heartaches, from their first hello to happily ever after and everything in between.

Review: I assume that those short stories were published separately earlier. This books is a collection of a number of them that all feature Matt and Chris from the moment they meet until they are together for about three years. The stories deal with a number of different topics. They were simply slices of life of a couple from the first moment on and done very well. I enjoyed reading about those two guys and all the various problems they dealt with and the fun times they had. The love scenes, some of them kinky, were hot. Even the ménage angle that went on for a short time worked for me, in spite of the fact that I’m not a fan of ménage.

Matt and Chris are great characters, Chris is a chef (you don’t come across them too often in m/m romance) and Matt a tattoo artist. You wouldn’t think that would fall for each other, but they do – hard. It’s done in a way that you believe it from the first minute. I absolutely liked this and wouldn’t mind reading more short stories about them.

Available at Samhain Publishing

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  1. Nice review Rikki

    I also enjoyed this book a lot. I liked the format of the different looks into their lives and it would be nice to read more on Chris and Matt.

    Lily 🙂


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