Eros rising by Ally Blue

Blurb: Scott Jasper needs a change in his life. Stuck in a dead-end relationship with a man who manipulates and uses him, Scott wants out but hasn’t found the one thing to motivate him to leave. Until the night his partner takes him to local gay swinger’s club Ganymede’s Grotto, where Scott meets the man who might just be The One.
Keegan Rourke—a.k.a. “Eros,” the most popular stripper at Ganymede’s Grotto—has been burned before. Determined never to let another man rip his heart out, Keegan doesn’t let anyone get close enough to love him. Until Scott comes along, offering Keegan the gentle, unconditional love he’s always needed but has never experienced.
For Scott and Keegan, the road to lasting commitment isn’t a smooth one. A lot of roadblocks stand in their path—Scott’s trepidation about his own dominant tendencies, Keegan’s abusive past and resulting fear of intimacy. Can they can rise above past sorrows and find their happiness in each other’s arms?

Review: After reading the story, I must say I find the blurb a tiny bit over the top. It starts right at this night in Ganymede’s Grotto, so we don’t experience the dead-end relationship before that point, we just learn that it is pretty bad. Fine with me, I don’t want to go through pages and pages of bickering and arguing between two former lovers who just stay together for convenience. Scott’s “trepidation” wasn’t nearly as bad as hinted at. He never seemed to have a problem with dominant tendencies with Keegan. It is true that he enjoyed the required dominance with Logan and he hated that he liked it, but that was mentioned only in passing and didn’t pose a major issue at all.

Keegan, however, did have baggage alright. His past was really bad and it was quite amazing that he turned out to be so trusting and outgoing after everything that happened to him. In fact, at one point, there was potential for a rather big misunderstanding / miscommunication between him and Scott, which didn’t come to pass because of Keegan’s way to bring his concerns out in the open very soon (when Logan told him to have a look at Logan’s back in the morning). Given his past I would have expected him to pull back, but he didn’t.

The story was quite straightforward. Once Scott had sorted his dying relationship out, everything went smoothly. Keegan had to overcome his issues with the help of his mentor (I liked Earl a lot) and that was that, really. It was a quick and enjoyable read. I’d recommend it to everybody who enjoys a bit of angst, but not so much of it as to spoil all the fun.

Available at Samhain Publishing

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