Thursday 13: Extraordinary words

text_flickr_HkucheraToday’s Thursday 13 is about extraordinary words in various languages.


  1. “yuputka” (Ulwa, Nicaragua) means “having the sensation of something crawling on one’s skin”
  2. “nggregeli” (Indonesian) means “to drop something due to nerves”
  3. “’alo’alo kiki” (Hawaiian) is “to dodge the rain by moving quickly”
  4. “ngetem” (Indonesian) means “to stop (a bus) longer than necessary at unauthorized points along the route to the terminus to look for more paying passengers”
  5. “kopuhia” (Rapa Nui, Easter Island) means “someone who disappears instead of dedicating himself to work”
  6. “nglayap” (Indonesian) is "to wander far from home with no particular purpos"
  7. “umudrovat se” (Czech) means “to philosophize oneself into the madhouse”
  8. “guzuguzu” (Japanese) is “to vacillate, procrastinate or stretch out a job”
  9. “pandir” (Indonesian) is someone who is stupid, but innocent and honest
  10. “seka seka” (Bemba, Congo and Zambia) means “to laugh without reason”
  11. “uttori” (Japanese) means “to be enraptured by the loveliness of something”
  12. “tadlis” (Persian) is “to conceal the faults of goods on sale”
  13. “cazar” (Spanish) means “to kick one’s opponent and not the ball”

All words are from “The Meaning of Tingo and other extraordinary words from around the world”. I am somewhat doubtful that everything is 100% correct, since some of the German words in the book are slightly off. But nevertheless, they are fun.

Image from Hkuchera at flickr

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