Stray by Cassandra Gold

Blurb: J’s life has been tough ever since his father disowned him for being gay, but when his abusive boyfriend kicks him out, things get even worse.
While searching for a shelter to spend the night in, J is accosted by a strange man who needs a place to hide. Despite his fear, J agrees to take the man with him to a safe place.
Will helping the stranger turn out to be yet another mistake, or will it lead him to happiness at last?

Review: J and Hunter meet when both are in a tricky situation. Hunter is being, well, hunted, and J is looking for a place to stay after being once more abused by his “boyfriend”. In fact, boyfriend is too good a word for that creep. J takes Hunter with him to a shelter and they sort of connect in an innocent way. When Hunter finds out about the dimension of the abuse J has to suffer he decides to take him with him.

Just like in “In a wolf’s eyes” J’s reaction to the revelation of Hunter’s true nature was surprisingly quick and natural. No fretting, no worries, just acceptance. Again, in such a short story (the word count is only 8160 words) there wouldn’t be room for denial and slow reluctant getting used to it.

This was a very quick and nice read. If you expect hot sex scenes, be warned, there aren’t any. The relationship between J and Hunter develops slowly over time (a period we hardly witness, since a lot of it is skipped) and only at the end of the story we learn that both feel the same for each other. Anything physical is only hinted at.

Available at Red Rose Publishing

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