The one that was lost by TC Blue

Blurb: Elliot is a player until a traumatic evening sends him running    a friend’s errand to Boston, where he meets up with Jamie. Jamie’s a former short-term lover, and the two get along well enough, but Elliot doesn’t want a relationship. Jamie and Elliot end up being friends who are very attracted to each other, separated by distance.
Jamie likes Elliot and thinks they could have some fun together, right up until he realizes he wants something more, but Jamie tells himself it will never work. After they spend a night making love, the intensity of which scares Elliot enough to run away, Jamie tries to put Elliot behind him. When Elliot realizes what he’s given up, he goes looking to get Jamie back, but will Jamie make it easy on him?

Review: I liked Elliot a lot in the previous book “The one that got away”. He’s young, attractive and a player. In the last book he hooked up with Jamie for some encounters and that was that for them. Part of “The one that got away” was replayed again, this time from the POV of Jamie and Elliot, which was great to read. The two men get along well enough, but didn’t really care to know each other any more than on a physical level.

A bad experience makes him leave for Boston where he meets Jamie again. I totally loved how Jamie helps Elliot out here. Not only does he make him feel ok again – sort of –, but also he manages to distract him, to become close friends with him and to make sure he was reassured that he was fine.

After Elliot leaves again Jamie’s dads keep him busy. I must admit that I wasn’t too pleased with those two guys. In fact they annoyed me a lot at this point. Jamie is an intelligent, educated man who can make his own choices. Mike is definitely out of the race. Elliot is a good looking man, smart, even if not as educated as Jamie, and a bit younger, but so what. Why those two condescending, well-meaning fathers think they have to reprimand Jamie for his choice of friends is beyond me. Yeah, he is not like Mike. Tell you what, the way Mike behaved in “The one that got away” didn’t scream common sense and grown-up behaviour to me. The way he acted at the beginning of this story when he found out that Jamie and Elliot had spent the night was just as ridiculous. What business is it of his? So, to use him as a role model for any future partner for Jamie is a bit over the top, to say the least. I can’t help thinking that even TC Blue herself is not too fond of him; I sure am not. Towards the end of the book David and Russell eventually redeem themselves again. Not that I care for them now, but at least they tried to be fair.

Elliot is really good at self-delusion. When even he can see that Jamie is not only a sex partner to him any more he starts to deny it to himself. Jamie on the other hand is nothing but honest with himself. He analyzes everything to tiny bits and acts on it. Where he goes where his mind takes him, Elliot goes with his gut feeling. He wakes up and feels scared and uncomfortable? He gets up and leaves without another word or note. This time the leaving of a character was much more understandable for me. Michael’s leaving in the previous book was uncalled for, but Elliot’s makes perfect sense from his point of view. Amazing that this seemingly “superficial” and flighty man actually seems to know Jamie better than Jamie knows him. Totally out of his known character. He probably has never known anybody as well as he knows Jamie, including himself.

I so liked the way he and Jamie got back together again, the wooing, the gifts, aw, lovely. And the “re-unification scene” at the end of the book left nothing to be desired. “The one that was lost” is going to be a definite favourite. If you like some angst, insecurities and fear of commitment, great guys who are not only lovers but friends and great supporting characters (however much I didn’t care for them) read this!

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  1. So glad you liked it! 🙂

    As always, thanks so much for you time and effort in reviewing it.



  2. I look forward to reading it Tis and looking over the site Rikki. Thanks for reviewing it. 😀


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