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On The Millions I read an article about the ABCs of amazon. What turns up in the auto complete search field when you enter just a letter? The most searched for terms appear in a drop down list. I thought it might be fun to see what would be the ABC of amazon in Germany when you look in the English book dept. This is what I got today:

Agatha Christie

Black Dagger
Yes, the Brotherhood is very popular over here as well

Charlaine Harris
True Blood hasn’t even been on TV, but already Harris is the top C search term

Dan Brown
Who cares?

Elizabeth George
The Germans love British detective stories

Fred Vargas
Never heard of him, but his books seem to be whodunits.

Gossip Girl
Seemingly a teenage fiction series, never heard of it.

Harry Potter

Ian Rankin

Janet Evanovich
It seems a lot of Germans who read English books go for romance…

Ken Follett

Lara Adrian
…and vampire romance

Marian Keyes
…and romance again

Nora Roberts
…and again

Oscar Wilde
I’m not surprised

Patricia Briggs
Isn’t this PNR as well of some sort, werewolves, I think


Rachel Gibson
…looks like romance again

Stephenie Meyer
…here comes the YA variety

…what else?

There’s a surprise. I reckon it’s the most popular term at the moment because everybody wanted to be prepared for Bloomsday 3 days ago.

what else could be the V word?

Obviously a SF series


I probably contributed to this myself with my eternal search for some manga to read recently


It seems the search for (paranormal) romance and bestsellers is equally popular on .de and .com.

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  1. Claire, unfortunately your comment disappeared during a server move. Sorry, but I couldn’t retrieve it.
    I was surprised to find Ulysses and Oscar Wilde on the list myself. Especially Ulysses I would have never bet on. I’m pretty sure it had to do with Bloomsday, I’ll check again in a month or so, and then Joyce will be long forgotten.


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