Gently down the stream by Connie Bailey

Blurb: Heading to his country home after a long week of work, Matthew Janssen meets a young man on the train – a startlingly handsome young man named Albin, who claims he can read Matthew’s mind and show him his most hidden desires.  But when he wakes at his stop, he’s alone.  Leaving the terminal, Matthew dismisses the incident as an erotic daydream – until he collides with the same young man, who’s just missed the last train.  Albin insists he’s never seen Matthew before, but Matthew isn’t about to let him disappear a second time

Review: This is a very short story, but a lot happens. It is not action packed or anything, but a man in his forties changes the course of his life completely.

When Matthew meets the mysterious Albin on the train he has no clue what he has in store for him. The young man makes Matthew realize that his whole life so far has been a façade to cover up what he really wants. Albin fans a hidden fire and evokes dreams that Matthew himself has never acknowledged. Pretty good going for a short train ride. After Matthew meets the “real life” Albin he decides to act according to the newly made discoveries and take the bull by the horns.

I liked the whole set up. I liked Albin, or rather both of them. I liked how Matthew didn’t shilly-shally about, but simply did what he felt like doing without any further qualms. I liked the surreal atmosphere when he met Albin on the train. I liked how Matthew and Albin II interacted later on. They were just good together from start to finish.

If you are looking for a slight paranormal touch and lovable characters, a very short read (only 25 pages) and yet a decent plot, read it!

Available at Dreamspinner Press

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