Diving in deep by K. A. Mitchell

Blurb: You never forget your first time.

Cameron Lewis loves his job as an instructor/trainer for a water safety firm that inspects water parks. He gets to travel from March through September, always moving on to something different. When a strange emptiness starts plaguing him, he chalks it up to turning thirty.
He manages to shake off the feeling—until he walks into a classroom and discovers that the eye candy in the front row is actually a very grown up version of his best-friend’s kid brother.
Noah Winthrop never forgot his first time. Scary, painful and then absolutely amazing—and with Cameron, the guy he’d always wanted. He’s had a crush on his brother’s best friend since puberty and now nothing will keep him from finally getting Cameron Lewis to notice him.
Even though Cameron once rejected him, Noah is determined to get it right this time.

Review: I can’t really say I was too impressed with either one of the two guys.

Noah has had a crush on Cameron that never went away. He had other relationships, but Cameron was always in the back of his mind. Fair enough, but at some points I felt that he let this crush that turned to love rule him. In a lot of scenes I wanted to tell him to just leave for Christ’s sake and let Cameron see what it feels like to be the one left behind. Of course, Noah didn’t want to do that, because he was in love, but sometimes you just have to do stuff you’re not happy with.

I didn’t like Cameron very much. He rejected Noah when he was 15, which is understandable. Then after one night of hot sex a few years later he just left without even a note. After meeting again Noah declined Cameron’s invitation, which I was quite happy about, but unfortunately this was about the only time that Cameron didn’t get what he was after right away. Of course, this is due to Noah’s giving in all the time, but still, Cameron took everything for granted. He often thought of Noah as a “brat”, a term I don’t associate with someone you sleep with.

And sleep with each other they did. A lot. Loads of hot and hotter sex scenes. In fact, sex was the solution to the problems that were never discussed but rather smothered with kisses and subsequent shagging. They hardly ever sat down and actually talked about Noah’s issues with Cameron being away most of the time or Cameron’s issue with going to the family Christmas party. Only when Noah realizes he wants more than Cameron is willing to give, he finally walks out the door. Which, in turn, finally causes Cameron to sit down and think about what he wants and that he has to bloody work for it. I just couldn’t connect to Cameron and his attitude of being the superior, smug older man who needs nobody and has it all under control.

If you like a lot of sex scenes and a couple with problems that they don’t address openly until the very end, this is the book for you.

Available at Samhain Publishing

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