Weekly Geeks 2009-26: Where in the World Have You Been?

This week’s Weekly Geeks asks you to tell us about your globe trotting via books. Are you a global reader? How many countries have you "visited" in your reading? What are your favorite places or cultures to read about? Can you recommend particularly good books about certain regions, countries or continents? How do you find out about books from other countries? What countries would you like to read that you haven’t yet?
Use your own criteria about what you consider to be "visiting" — whether a book is written about the country or by a native or resident of the country.

I don’t read many books that focus on another country as the main subject. They might be set in other countries and reflect the way of living there, of course, but I don’t pick books based on that. I created the map below showing what countries books I read are set in.  My recommendation to read would be “A thousand splendid suns” by Khaled Hosseini, but probably most of you have read it anyway. This book about two women in Afghanistan is a must-read.

Countries I've read about in one way or another


Feel free to tell us about any actual world traveling you’ve done in addition to your literary travels.

The map of countries I’ve visited looks a bit different. As you can see I have no clue about the East or the most part of America or Africa or anything really other than Europe and the US from own experiences.

TripAdvisor Travel Map

I’ve visited 82 cities in 14 countries.

Search millions of traveler reviews, articles, lists and forums on TripAdvisor:

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