Recovery by CB Potts

Blurb: Adam can’t wait to get back to civilian life after months of military life in a war zone. Things don’t go as he plans, though, when his Army buddy and lover dumps him without so much as goodbye, and his family starts pressuring him to make decisions he’s not ready to deal with.
When Adam does tell his dad his plan for the future, his father asks him to wait long enough to help out an old friend who lives in Texas, and sends Adam off to decompress some in the back country. There, Adam finds Calvin, a man who knows what it’s like to be lost, and who knows just what Adam needs to find his way again. Can Calvin and Adam clean up Calvin’s land, and Adam’s life?

Review: I read a review of “Recovery Ranch”, which is the sequel to “Recovery”, over at the Literary Nymphs. When I saw that this is another age gap romance I just had to have it. Not that I was too thrilled with the last cowboy books I read, but I hadn’t read anything by CB Potts, so I gave it a go.

This is a short story, which – for a change – did not go medias in res but took its sweet time to get going. In fact it took so long that I was wondering whether there was enough room left for the actual romance. Calvin and Adam meet on page 23 of 60, for me that didn’t leave enough room for the proper development of their romance. The remaining 30 odd pages stretch over quite a few weeks, even though we don’t experience a lot of them in detail. I suppose as far as timeline is concerned Calvin and Adam had enough time to fall in love (they slept together rather quickly), I just didn’t get to read enough about it. Also, in this story the age gap between the two men doesn’t play such a big part and is no cause for tension or anxiety. I liked both characters enough to want to read the sequel, though. Hopefully there will be more focus on the age difference and a possible conflict resulting from that.

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  1. Shame the book felt incomplete – actually, having grown up an army brat, the idea of a romance inside the Army is something that I would think would be interesting to see done well…
    BTW, since it looks like you read a good bit of GLBT lit, you might like the challenge Amanda is throwing now, here
    [rq=99070,0,blog][/rq]Invocation to the Pierides


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