Mastering Stefan by J. M. Snyder

Blurb: Three years and Stefan’s yet to find that certain someone who can take him to the precipice of lust, dangle him over the abyss, and shove him headlong into the darkness of his own desire. Someone who drives him to the edge but won’t let him fall. Someone he can trust completely, body and soul, someone he can lose himself in. When a local gay bar called the Code hosts a fetish night, Stefan goes looking to be conquered.

There Stefan meets the man of his dreams, known only as “Master.” But when put to the test, can he prove himself worthy of such a man?

My thoughts: I read this book because I’m somewhat in the same position as Val when it comes to BDSM. She explains in a very good post about BDSM and her reluctance to read it why she isn’t a big fan of it and I wholeheartedly agree with her. However she recommended this story in her review of “Mastering Stefan”, so I gave it a go.

I liked the fact that Master was looking for a long term relationship. However, to “test” someone to see whether he is worth it, I’m not sure about that. Master’s name is never given, too impersonal for me. I couldn’t relate to Stefan’s fetish, but I found it interesting to read about it nevertheless. The whole story was sort of cut out of the characters’ everyday life. An episode without an anchor. Admittedly it is a very short story, but had I known a little more about Stefan and Master I probably would have enjoyed it more. But that is just me, I always need lots of background details to get into a story. Still a good read that taught me quite a bit about latex.

Available at eXcessica Publishing

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  1. Hi, Rikki, I’m glad I got to read your impression. As criticisms go, that’s got to be one that I wouldn’t mind hearing as an author: that you would have preferred more story! It’s something of a compliment at the heart of a criticism. And thanks so much for the link to my earlier post! How nice to hear that it resonated with you and that we have a similar outlook on it. I’m also glad I didn’t inadvertently provoke a lot of the real BDSM fans, ha, ha!


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