The Lost Symbol once more

You probably know by now that I’m not totally impressed with Dan Brown, but the ad campaign for his new book must even annoy the greatest fan. Some months ago they revealed the long awaited book cover. Needless to say there are two covers, not as in Harry Potter two covers – one for kids, one for adults – but rather one for Americans and one for Europeans. What the rest of the world will be getting I don’t know. The European cover looks a bit more unobtrusive, whereas the American one has this big red seal on it that for some reason makes me think of Scarlet Pimpernel, don’t ask me why. Supposedly the seal has something to do with the Freemasons. Now we know the cover of a book that’s going to be released in exactly 33 days, 3 hours, 9 minutes and 47 seconds (countdown courtesy of The Lost Symbol).

Next is the Facebook approach. When the official facebook page of Dan Brown reaches 100.000 fans Random House will announce the name of Robert Langdon’s next adversary. Wow, the name of the adversary. OK, so what if his name is Tom Smith? I don’t know anything about him, even if I know his name. Obviously not many people are interested in the name, the facebook page has only 66.000 fans so far.

Now his new website is launched, a website that looks quite good admittedly. I haven’t looked closely at its contents, though. According to Random House “the website includes information about all of Dan Brown’s books, bizarre facts, secrets and games.” I wonder how much advertising a book that has yet to come out can take before the potential readers get sick of it. I certainly am already.

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