Weekly Geeks 2009-35: What’s the plan?

This week’s weekly geeks: It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the last quarter of 2009. Soon those of us in the northern hemisphere will be curled up in front of the fire (or solar heater) with our favorite wintry reads, and those in the southern will be off to the beaches with their summer books.
Do you have a plan of what you’re going to read the rest of the year? Have you had a master plan all along? If so, have you stuck to it? What helps you to decide what you’re going to read next? Challenges? Book groups? Or do you have the luxury of closing your eyes and picking any book off your shelf?
I know some of you have spreadsheets and other devices to help you keep track of your books and challenges. (I even succumbed to using a spreadsheet this year after teasing my friends relentlessly about theirs.) If you have online spreadsheets, such as Google, can you give us a peek at them with a link or a screen shot?

I found this question somewhat strange. I don’t have any plan whatsoever, as far as reading is concerned. Reading is mere pleasure and I don’t read according to a plan. I read what I want when I want it. A spreadsheet to organize my reading? Don’t think so.

I loosely use Shelfari for keeping track of what I read but since I only started doing that last year I only have books on my shelf that I could remember. They should have Shelfari 36 years ago! But even on Shelfari I don’t use all the options for tagging and adding information on my books. I’m a member of a few Shelfari groups, but don’t follow them closely either. I’m to fickle obviously – and lazy.

My Shelfari shelf

Book challenges: Well, yes, I entered a few this year, but only followed through with one. All the others I gave up sooner or later. Now I’ve got tons of TBR books from those challenges on my bookshelf.

At the moment the books that are sitting there waiting to be read are:

  • The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
    That’s the book I bought in English instead of German because of the nicer cover. I’m crazy.
  • I capture the castle by Dodie Smith
    Got that because of Claire’s review. Thanks, Claire, for the recommendation.
  • Gods behaving badly by Marie Phillips
    Twelve Olympic Gods crammed into a London town house in the 21st century sounds like fun.
  • The Beautiful Being by Jessica Inclan
    This will be out end of September, but Jessica generously sent me an ARC. Thanks, Jessica.
  • Enzyklopädie der Alltagsqualen by Hannes Stein
    A very amusing book in which Hannes Stein describes everyday ordeals. Unfortunately strictly German.
  • Der schönste deutsche Satz
    A book with the entries of the competition of which sentence is the most beautiful first sentence in a German book. By the way, the winner was the first sentence of “Der Butt” by Günther Grass.

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  1. I loved Gods behaving badly. It was a really fun read and one of my favorites of 2008. Der schönste deutsche Satz sounds great. I took two years of German but as they say if you don’t use it you lose it. I would love to try the book as a way to get back in German.
    I have books on Good Reads and Shelfari but I really do not keep up on my lists. Maybe next year?


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