Take me always by Ryan Field

Blurb: Kadin Mahoney is ten years older than his lifelong partner, Gregory. But when Gregory is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and winds up in a nursing home, Kadin decides to move there with him in spite of the fact that Gregory doesn’t even recognize him. His three children aren’t happy about this and his friends think he’s crazy. But Gregory is the love of Kadin’s life, and he’s not going to let him slip away without a struggle.

So he conceives a plan to help him remember their passionate, sexy past. With the help of a notebook computer and a personal blog, he begins telling him the story of two good-looking young men who fell in love with each other during the l950’s in Savannah. One is a recent college graduate, and the other is a thirty-year-old lawyer and divorced father of three. They meet by accident at the movies the day Kadin’s divorce is finalized, and wind up spending a full summer together engaged in every act of true love that is humanly possible.

But it all comes to an abrupt halt in mid-August, when Gregory’s family begins to suspect his forbidden feelings for Kadin. They drag him back to Atlanta early, where he enlists in the army to get even. Five years later, Kadin has moved on with his life and Gregory is engaged to be married. But Gregory sees Kadin on TV, and he goes back to Savannah one more time before the wedding. He only wants to find out what happened to Kadin, but the moment he arrives his clothes come off and their lives are never the same again.

My thoughts: This was totally different from “Pretty Man” the only other book by Ryan Field that I have read. In my review of “Pretty Man” I sort of complained about the lack of romance in it. Well, I can’t complain here.

Kadin and Gregory were obviously meant for each other, even though circumstances separated them for a number of years. That separation was a good opportunity to describe a few sexual adventures of Kadin and Gregory with other men that were pretty hot. I absolutely loved delicious Eddie. As an aside, I have no idea how this guy could drive around town and do things without scandalizing his fellow citizens… Even though I’m no fan of threesomes I almost regretted the fact that Gregory and Kadin turned down Eddie’s offer. That would have been real fun. I know, I asked for more romance and I got it and a scene with Eddie probably wouldn’t have added much to the romance factor, so I shouldn’t speculate about it, but I really liked Eddie.

The story switches back and forth between Kadin and Gregory in the nursing home and the past that Kadin writes down for Gregory to remember. The scenes in the nursing home were heartbreaking. How hard a situation like this must be I can only begin to imagine. The scenes in the past cover the time period from when Kadin and Gregory meet for the first time until when they finally settle down together. However, from conversations between Gregory and Kadin in the nursing home we know that the rest of their life together was just as we imagined a HEA.

I liked the supporting characters, especially Betsy. I liked the way she would have settled into a marriage with Gregory and being quite content with it. And I liked the way she accepted the fact that this was not going to happen. No fuss, no scene, no hysterical accusations. I’m glad for her that she has obviously found a happy life herself with Clem.

“Take me Always” was a great read. Totally different from “Pretty Man” and extremely romantic with a touch of sadness. For people who like a story that focuses mainly on the main couple this is highly recommended. 

Available at Ravenous Romance

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