Under the Covers and between the Sheets

This is the title of a new book coming out on October 15. It seems to be the literary version of Schott’s Miscellany. Some of the topics sound interesting:

  • You Don’t Say: Commonly-used words and phrases that were coined or popularized in classic words of fiction-sometimes with very different meanings.
  • Gruesomely Ever After: The original endings of some of the world’s most cherished fairy tales-Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and more.
  • Hip to be Square: Banned works of fiction and the controversy surrounding them.
  • Anthropomorphized Characters: The real-life stories and inspirations behind beloved "leading creatures."
  • Time to Make the Doughnuts: Odd jobs of famous authors.
  • Parental Guidance Suggested: Dahl’s short stories, Seuss’s political cartoons; the lesser-known, and sometimes shocking, adult writings of beloved children’s authors.

I love those trivia books with random and usually quite useless information and find them quite entertaining.

Under the Covers and between the Sheets: Facts and Trivia about the World’s Greatest Books

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