TBR pile

I put some books together that I’m planning on reading in the next few weeks. We’ll see whether I will go through with this plan. Almost all of them I swapped at a German swap site, if you haven’t tried book swapping I recommend you give it a try. It’s cheap, you get rid of books you no longer want and eventually you will find what you were always looking for without spending a cent.  The books range from non fiction, chick lit, romance and detective story to fan fic. Well, not sure whether I can classify “Mr. Darcy takes a wife”  as fan fic, but it sort of is, isn’t it. I have heard so much about that book; the book has 505 reviews on and the 5 star and 1 star reviews are more or less balanced. I must give this book a go to know what the rage or outrage is all about…

TBR pile


M/M romance challenge 2010

Anesthezea from I heart paperbacks is hosting another m/m romance challenge again. The one this year was pretty productive for me, I reviewed 52+ stories. I haven’t read nearly as much as I wanted in the last few months, so I need to get back into the swing of things. Maybe the challenge will help. You will find details about it at I heart paperbacks.

These are the first few books I will read.

  • “Haunted by your soul”, the second book in Marguerite Labbe’s Triquetra series
  • “Reparation in blood”, the final book in the Partnership in blood series. I can’t believe I still haven’t read that one yet. Oh, it might not be the last thing we’ve heard about the vampires and wizards, Ariel said she has started on a post-war sequel, so there is some hope for more.
  • “L.A. Boneyard” by P.A. Brown, a new author for me.

iPhone / iPod publishing

If you are considering publishing your book for the iPhone or iPod you might be interested in the publishing service John, my husband, is offering on his website John E Donovan Mobile Solutions (discontinued).

“For people who would like to publish their fiction or non-fiction book on the iPhone/iPod we can provide the solution, reasonably priced and not restricted to free books.

If you would like to sell your own book on the iPhone/iPod we can provide the application framework to suit your needs.

For Book Publishers who would like to publish to the iPhone/iPod but are looking for a reasonably priced solution we have the answer for you. “

The service is available to individual authors as well as publishers.