Vespers in the Snow by M. Jules Aedin

Blurb: Professor Philip Osbourne is Clive Aldridge’s toughest teacher, but he has a secret: Osbourne is sneaking out to celebrate Hanukkah at the risk of offending his peers. Bolstered by the knowledge that his teacher is actually human, Clive makes an effort to form a friendship that will over the decades grow into much more.

My thoughts: This was much different from what I anticipated. In only 34 pages it covers a period of about 20 years. It is written in the first person, something I don’t particularly like.The time jumps from 1955 to 1964 to 1974 were a bit too far apart in my opinion. I liked the story, but would have wanted it to be way more detailed than it was.

There is a sequel available, hopefully it will tell us more about the two men and their story.

Available at Dreamspinner Press

Sequel: Walking on the moon

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