Walking on the Moon by M. Jules Aedin

Blurb: Philip and Clive now share both a home and two secrets: Philip’s past and their love. One wintry night, Philip leads Clive back to the thicket where they first came to an understanding, and this time a promise will bind them for decades to come.

My thoughts: This is the sequel to “Vespers in the Snow”. Again it is only 30 odd pages and makes a few jumps in time. It starts in 1969, at a time in between two periods that were already talked about in the prequel. Then it jumps to 1974, shortly after where the prequel ended. And then we get a short glimpse into 2004.

Again, I liked the story and the two men, but not the way their story was told. I don’t mind time jumps from time to time, but in general I prefer stories to be told in a chronological order. So, to have the sequel jump back to a time before the end of the first book, wasn’t very satisfying for me.

In my opinion another format would have been better for such a story. After all it covers a time from 1955 to 2004 in about 65 pages. I would have preferred a novella at least for such a long period of time.

Available at Dreamspinner Press

Prequel: Vespers in the Snow

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