Bead Work by Sara Withers

Blurb: A guide to creating bead jewellery. This book contains information about materials and equipment and demonstrates the techniques in several easy-to-follow projects which use a variety of material from traditional wood to papier-maché.

My thoughts: This is a book ideal for beginners who would like to start to learn making bead jewelry with projects instead of only reading about techniques.

After a short chapter where Sara Withers talks about materials and tools she goes medias in res and introduces the first project, a pair of hoop earrings. Slowly the projects become more difficult and more techniques are shown. Everything is explained in detail and with clear and close up photographs.

Some of the projects didn’t appeal to me as far as the choice of beads or colors were concerned, but this is a matter of taste and can easily be rectified by simply substituting the beads.

All in all the following pieces of jewelry can be recreated with the help of this book:

  • Hoop earrings
  • Straight earrings
  • Frosted necklace
  • Stars and Moons necklace and earring set (crimps and a little wirework)
  • Triangles necklace and earring set (developing crimping and wirework skills)
  • Venetian-style glass necklace and hatpin
  • A chain of fishes necklace and earring set
  • Double stripy necklace (managing threads and using calottes)
  • China blue necklace (necklace with four strands)
  • Clay and tile bead necklace (this is getting complicated)
  • Monochrome choker (introduces bead weaving)
  • Jasper necklace (knotting)
  • African choker (macramé technique)
  • Special beads and leather (leather necklace)
  • Lapis and silver necklace (wirework skills, additional tools)
  • Sprung wire bracelet
  • Two-strand bracelet
  • Loom made bracelet (using a beading loom)

If you like to work with given projects this book is a great find. Available on amazon.

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