Language dilemma

I usually write in English, even though it is not my native language. The reason is that most of the books I read are in English, so it makes sense to talk about them in English as well. Recently, however, I started to read a lot of craft books in German, simply because that is their original language. No point in buying a originally German book which was translated into English just to keep the language consistent. I have done that in the past (and mentioned it in a blog post called “What’s the plan?”), but I had a valid reason for it (sort of).

So, I decided that in the future, when I want to talk about books I read in German, because they are only available in German (I don’t think many German craft books have been translated into English, that would be like carrying coals to Newcastle) I will do so on German.

Fiction will be reviewed in English just like before. The same goes for non-fiction I read in English. So if you happen to come by and not understand a word I’m saying, don’t worry. It’s only temporary.

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