The encyclopedia of wire jewellery techniques by Sara Withers

Blurb: Whether you are an experienced jewellery-maker looking to move up to the next level, or a complete beginner, "The Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery Making Techniques" is an invaluable resource. Using this book you can: learn how to manipulate wire to create elegant structural designs for earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, tiaras and brooches with clear, illustrated instructions; combine wire with beads and stones through threading and wrapping for an intricately embellished look; have fun experimenting with different types of wire, from precious metal to electrical and recycled wires; and, progress from basic wire-working skills to more advanced techniques, such as making linked jump-ring chains, simple soldering, and using chemicals to alter the wire finish.

My thoughts: Apart from some smaller publications in German, I haven’t read many books about wire jewelry, so I can’t really say that Sara Withers writes the best books on it, but I think that her books must rank quite high as far as quality of explanations and pictures are concerned.

Where her “encyclopedia of beading techniques” explains various styles of bead jewelry, this one goes into minute detail of making wire jewelry. Once more the photographs are very detailed and clear. I have looked inside various books of this kind on amazon and a lot had either only sketches which to me are not very helpful, or photographs that were not detailed enough. The photos here leave nothing to be desired.

The book consists of three chapters. The first one deals with core techniques and is divided into various sub-chapters like findings, shapes and spacers, chains, decorating beads, knitting and twisting and constructing with wire. The second chapter already introduces some basic silversmithing skills and the third one is a gallery with the work from designers from around the world.

Again, you won’t find any projects in this book, but simply detailed explanations of how to do things and some inspiration on top of it.

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