Weekly Geeks 2010-07: Commenting

I haven’t participated in the Weekly Geeks for ages, but it was always such fun, so I think I will try to do it more often again. This week it is an interesting topic for all bloggers: Commenting.

Do you have a commenting policy? For example:
*Do reply to all comments? If you do, how do you do it? Email? On the blog?
*Do you use moderation?
*How do you handle trolls? Flaming?
*How much do you tolerate from a belligerent commenter before you close or delete comments?
Have you ever gotten a comment from someone you admire? An author? A superstar blogger (the ones with the book deals)?
How do you feel about author comments? Are they welcome or do they make you nervous?
Word verification? Yay or nay.
And then there’s spam. How do we combat the evil that is spam?
Talk about your experiences with any of the above. Share your wisdom with other bloggers. What works on your blog? What doesn’t?

OK, I try to reply to all comments. It’s only polite, if somebody takes the time to comment on my blog that I do the same and reply. I usually reply directly in the comments section. Readers can subscribe to comments, so they will know when a new comment has been added.

Comments are moderated only the first time a reader comments. Once the first comment has been approved the next comment appears automatically on my blog. I haven’t had a troll problem yet. So I can’t say what I’d do. It’s the same with belligerent comments. Never had any yet. Spam IS a problem, though, but with Akismet which is a default plugin for wordpress blogs, it can be controlled very easily.

I hate word verification. I often have problems with it on other blogs, so I wouldn’t want to use it on my blog either.

I love author’s comments. In the m/m romance community word about a review seems to get out rather quickly, so I have had a few authors who came by and commented. Even if my review wasn’t all positive they have always commented in a nice way and said they appreciated the time I took to talk about their book. Lately one of my reviews was quite negative, in fact I said I could not recommend the story, and when I saw that the author had commented, I thought “uh oh”, but she was very gracious and had a lot of interesting things to say.

A nice feature for people who comment that I use is Comment luv, another plugin for wordpress. It displays the last (or another chosen) blog post of the commenter’s blog. So, readers can see immediately whether they might find something interesting to read on another commenter’s blog.

The little comment graphic that Weekly Geeks is displaying this week comes from The Vintage Moth, where they offer even more. I think I’ll either use one of them or create my own to stick up in the sidebar. Maybe it will coax readers into commenting more. Bloggers love comments, and I’m no exception.

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