World Beads by Janet Coles

worldbeads A collection of beadwork ideas from around the world. Thirty projects are given, with step by step guidelines and colour photographs.

The more than short blurb on amazon doesn’t do that book justice at all. The 30 projects are just a small part of the book. They are integrated in the various chapters as an example for the beads and beadwork that are explained in the according chapter.

After an introduction to beads in general Janet Cole shows the reader beads and beadwork from all over the world, organized into chapters according to continent and sub-chapters about various places and bead styles. In the chapter about Europe for example she talks about Venice and the island of Murano, amber, Victorian jet or Bohemian glass makers. In the African chapter she talks about Moroccan enamel, the Tuareg, bead jewellery of the Zulu and many more. India has its own chapter with details about prayer beads, ceramic beads from Varanasi, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan etc. Far East and Oceania feature chapters about Chinese jade, silver beads from Bali and Japanese glass. And the Americas cover jade, gold and glass from Mexico, beads from Peru and the native Americans. These are only a few of the chapters, there are many more. Among the 30 projects are a jet necklace, a Moroccan berber necklace, A Tuareg cross, an Ethiopian necklace from silver- and glass beads, a belt made from bone beads, a necklace from antique Tibetan turquoise and many more. The instructions come with many illustrations and a picture of the finished piece.

A very informative book for everybody who wants to know more about beads, their history and the various styles out there.

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