The High-Class Highwayman by Julia Talbot

Blurb: When Julian is forced to turn to crime after he loses his inheritance, he decides that he can do better than the incompetent highwayman who tries to waylay him one dark night. That’s how the High-Class Highwayman comes into his own, and he does very well for himself, at least until Griffen Michalis comes along.
Griffen is far better versed in the criminal underworld than Julian, and he has no interest in the legitimate, and rather modest, fortune that is rightfully Julian’s. Being a Lord would cause him too much trouble. Can he convince Julian that he’s giving the money back, and that he wants something far more than one night of excitement on the high road?

My thoughts: I picked this one up for sentimental reasons. When I first started reading m/m romance a couple of Julia Talbot’s stories were among the first I read and I liked them a lot. They were paranormal ones, though, and I thought I’d give a historical story of hers a try.

I found the blurb somewhat misleading. At the beginning I was under the impression that the story is about the blooming relationship between Julian and Griffen and about how they settle the inheritance issue. Not at all. The affair was established right from the start. I have to admit though that I couldn’t quite follow the development of the emotional side of things that turned those trysts into a relationship. Somehow that didn’t quite gel with me. I’m not sure about the sex scenes either. I don’t mind kink and I don’t want to go into details here but I found that the sex scenes turned kinky a bit too soon for my taste.

Other than that I liked the story once I wrapped my head around the fact that it is almost a mystery. Well, not quite a mystery, but there is an elusive opponent who tries to ruin either Julian or Griffen, who just can’t be pinned down. In fact I was pretty curious about what on Earth was going on with that Williams – and sadly Julia Talbot has yet to provide the answer to this question.  However, at the end of the book Torquere Books let us know that there are more Highwaymen adventures coming later in the year. So does this mean that the story of Julian and Griffen will be continued and we find out more? I sure hope so.

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