Satisfaction by M. L. Rhodes

Blurb: Although Jesse McIntyre slings drinks in a gay bar, up until recently, he kept to himself and stuck to his rule never to hook up with customers. He’d been down that road before and bore the physical and emotional scars from it. The last thing he’d wanted was to fall for Robert Bauer, the wealthy businessman with the sexy smile who started frequenting the bar. They were opposites in every way, so Jesse never dreamed Robert, the pressed and polished owner and CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, might be interested in a tattooed, college drop-out bad boy like him. But when fate threw them together for a long weekend, they finally gave into the passion that had been brewing, and the resulting explosion rocked their worlds.

Now, five months later, though the fire’s still burning sinfully hot between them, the realities of their opposite lifestyles begin to take a toll. Robert’s constant business travel weighs heavily on Jesse. When he realizes they’re having more phone sex than real sex, and he’s sleeping alone the majority of the time despite the fact he and Robert are supposedly living together, he worries there’s more behind Robert’s trips than just business. Jesse’s sure Robert’s avoiding him, avoiding them, but through the years his lover has built so many thick, protective walls to guard his emotions, Jesse finds it tough to get past them and discover why. He loves the man like crazy, and doesn’t doubt Robert loves him, too, yet will love be enough to overcome whatever is haunting Robert and heal the rift that’s slowly tearing them apart?


My thoughts: I picked this up because I really liked the prequel „Passion“ and wanted to know how the story continued. From the first book we know already that Jesse easily jumps to conclusions and this was again proven here. But where then it was sort of understandable now I found it was just too much. 

If you don’t like SPOILERS, don’t continue reading!

The whole story alternated between the two men sleeping with each other and Jesse either complaining about Robert’s absence or Jesse analyzing Robert’s every move and tone in order to find out whether Robert really loves him or not. I found that extremely annoying.

In “Satisfaction” Jesse has become a needy whiner who constantly begs Robert to not leave again or to come back home soon. Geeze, he’s a grown man who has spent most of his life without a partner and all of a sudden he becomes clingy to the extreme. Even though he did correctly suspect there was an ulterior reason for Robert’s frequent absence (I’m coming to that in a minute), it still is feasible that a successful businessman has to travel a lot and his partner has to either put up with it or draw the consequences.

Robert, on the other hand, has his reason to be absent all the time which is equally irritating. You either want to be with someone or you don’t. To get together and long to be with your partner and at the same time leave him continuously just doesn’t make sense to me. The reason for this contradictory behaviour was basically that he was afraid of getting dumped out of the blue again and took precautionary measures not to get attached too much. For crying out loud! Robert is not the first person in the world to get dumped and won’t be the last one either. Even given his childhood situation (which, by the way, I couldn’t remember from the first book; so I have to go by what was mentioned briefly here) I just found this hard to believe. Get over it already!

I can’t say I was too happy with this story. It was a quick read, even more so as I only skimmed through the sex scenes. All that whining and moaning so got on my nerves that I just couldn’t get into it.

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