If you like pop ups and dinosaurs…

beasts Normally I’m not talking about kid’s books, but I’ve got to tell you about this one. Our kids, especially the older one, who is 6, is mad about dinosaurs and has been for a while. We found the “Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Mega Beasts” and loved it right away. It is a pop-up book with lots and lots of pop ups by paper artists Robert Clarke Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. You have to have a look at them, they are amazing. Every page comes with one very large one that pops up right when you open it, and more smaller ones hidden behind little pockets. They are very detailed and intricate – astonishing. Also the books provide a lot of information about the animals and the time they lived in. Our son loves the book and now wants more. Thank God there ARE more…

Available on amazon.

Check out the websites of the two artists! They offer a lot of  info on pop-ups with instructions to make your own as well.

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  1. Pop up books are very on-trend at the moment…

    My teenager is all thing mystery and spy/paranormal – so I an innudated with spy pop up and some really cool vamp books.

    We recently got a pop up book of Feng Shu and we are quite enjoying it… Even adult can find some fun with pop up as well…..



  2. EH, we also have several other pop ups (like Ben 10, lol), but they are nothing like those. I’ve never seen pop ups that intricate in a kids’ book before.


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