Found by Sean Michael

Blurb: Billy has no idea what prompts him to take in a ragged, dirty man off the streets. All he knows is that Montana calls to him somehow, and that he always listens to his instincts. Montana, or Tanny, thinks that Billy is crazy, because nobody is that nice. Not in his experience, anyway.

Tanny brings all sorts of problems with him, from addiction to trouble with the police. Billy is determined to make Montana whole again, and he thinks he knows just the thing to replace Tanny’s favorite high. All Billy has to do is help Montana get back on his feet, and then he can teach Tanny all about his lifestyle.

Too bad no one believes that Tanny is redeemable, least of all Tanny. Billy’s friends threaten to become overprotective, the people who populated Tanny’s life on the street pop up at the most inopportune moments, and Tanny thinks that Billy is far too good for him, a homeless guy fresh off the reservation, scarred and way less than perfect.

Can Billy convince Tanny to give him, and their newfound relationship, a chance? Or will the reality of Billy’s lifestyle scare Tanny off just when life is starting to get good again?

My thoughts: “Found” is a “Hammer novel”, a series of books all revolving about a members-only BDSM club called the Hammer. This is my first Hammer story and I can’t say I learned a lot about that club. Apart from the fact that Oliver (one of Billy’s overprotective friends) seems to be somehow involved, possibly as an owner) we don’t get any information whatsoever. It is mentioned a few times, but Billy never goes there during the time covered here and Montana shows no interest in it whatsoever.

Obviously the only Hammer connection is the circle of friends of Billy’s who are all living the same lifestyle. And that circle of friends deserves the name, too. They are all extremely caring, protective – up to a point where you are inclined to tell them to back off – and make sure that everybody in the community is being looked after. A nice change from the meddlesome but rather egoistical friends you meet elsewhere. Those guys would go through hell and high water for each other. I liked that.

Now that Billy and Montana managed to get a relationship out of a chance encounter, I’m curious as to what happens next. Also, I wouldn’t mind at all to see more of the other guys. Generally I prefer stories with the focus on one couple but with novels the length of the Hammer novels I’d welcome a bit of variety or at least a bit more interaction with others.

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  1. Ahh SM! Have you read other books of Sean Micheal’s before? Sometimes I read his books and it’s like bad crack. It’s not the good crack like JR Ward’s BDB crack but it’s still something addictive that has you still reading when you know you should give up.

    The Hammer series is ok, not great since it’s so heavily sex sex sex sex. I like Tanny and Billy but unfortunately you’ll find in their sequels the entire story is Tanny saying he’s not good enough and Billy saying I love you. Rinse and repeat with more sex.

    I think the first Hammer book, Bent, is actually the best with the most emotion and relationship building. But that’s just my random opinion.


  2. Kassa, I agree with you on SM. He is very much hit or miss for me, but even if it’s a miss I just can’t stop reading. Yeah, the BDB brothers are highly addictive, well, at least one of them. That’s why my review of the companion book (can’t recall the title now) was so bad. He had been terribly neglected, :-).

    Since I have Snared and Owned on my tbr pile, I suppose I’m in for a sex marathon now…oh well, I can always skip parts if it gets too much. But if it’s only about Tanny’s misgivings again, then I’ll probably be a bit disappointed.


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