Rainy Days and Mondays

Blurb: Don’t let rainy days or Mondays get you down. Let the boys of the Rainy Days Taste Test brighten you up instead!
In I Don’t Like Mondays, by GR Richards, Brent and Mitch are having a rotten commute in to work. Going home to change clothes makes the rain go away pretty quickly.
In Encore, by Mercy Loomis, bandmates Derrick and Nate have great chemistry onstage, but it takes a certain kind of rainy night to really get them making music together.
And in Rain Delay by Taylor Lochland, Aaron loves spending time with his young lover, Nathan. What he doesn’t love is all of the interruptions that a thriving farm and a busy veterinarian practice give them. Can they tale advantage of a rainy day and snatch a few glorious hours of pleasure?

My thoughts: The title of this Taste Test attracted me because I like rainy days. So I had to give this one a try; I didn’t know any of the authors before. There isn’t too much to say really, the stories are all extremely short and just show a glimpse of the life of the guys.

The first story is extremely short. Brent and Mitch are just having a good time and make a decision at the end as to what their future is going to be like. Quick and nice read.

The second story is slightly longer and reminded me of some other plots out there. Two band members, one in love with the other, the other has no clue. Add a little bit of D/s and you have an entertaining short story.

In the third story we encounter the problems a couple has when one of the guys is still living with his parents. Pretty entertaining as well, even though it is hard to believe how blind or how much in denial the parents must be.

“Rainy Days and Mondays” is uncomplicated and fast to read. Good if you don’t expect a complex story and any kind of ramifications. Liked it.

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