Comparing covers: A hunger like no other

I visited Pattepoilue’s blog One book away from Heaven for the first time a few days ago. Some time ago she posted the covers of a couple of books, that is she posted the French, US and UK version, which were quite different from each other. One of the covers she posted was the one of “A hunger like no other”, the US version of which I hated from the first moment I saw it. That gave me the idea to have a look for the German cover of it and start a new series of cover comparisons. I have no idea what the result will be, more often than not German covers are quite tasteless, but from what I saw in the bookshops the PNR genre covers tend to be quite nice, albeit extremely alike. 

For the first round I’ll have a look at the Kresley Cole book, too. That US cover is the most tasteless cover ever as far as I am concerned. In fact I hate it so much that it must have had quite an impact on how I felt about the book. I didn’t like how I always visualized that guy and that half naked what was her name when I read it and Lachlain’s brogue did the rest. It was my first Kresley Cole book and will be my last. The German one is run-of-the-mill PNR, nevertheless I prefer it.

Anyway, here we go…

hunger begehrens

Now I could go on about German titles, but I already went on a rant some time ago. So I’ll only say that the German translation means “Night of Desire” and is –surprisingly –  somewhat similar to the original.

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  1. E.H., at least both titles imply a sort of desire, so in that way, the titles are closer to each other than in a lot of other cases (e.g. the BDB books). You wouldn’t believe what they do translating titles over here, lol.


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