Unleashing Angel by Mel Spenser

Blurb: Brian is a land surveyor sent on a job to a remote area of southeast Arizona for a month-long work assignment. There he meets Angel, a college student, home for the summer and helping his family with their campground style motel where Brian stays. Brian realizes that he’s jumped into relationships a little too quickly in the past, but finds it very hard to resist Angel, who’s just his type. Even though he knows he should take it slow, Brian can’t seem to stay away.
Angel has a secret though. He’s a werewolf. Not only that, the werewolf gene is triggered by having sex for the first time. Angel is ‘unleashed’ when he and Brian have sex. Can Brian come to terms with being in love with the most powerful werewolf rural Arizona has seen in decades? And will Angel be able to fit into Brian’s urban lifestyle? Or will a series of misunderstandings, hurt feelings and bruised egos keep them apart?

My thoughts: I chose this story because I like weres (who doesn’t?) and the storyline sounded interesting. “Unleashing” someone promised quite a bit of action in my eyes. I’m not sure whether I expected too much, but my expectations were not quite met

If you don’t like SPOILERS, don’t continue reading!

I liked the storyline and the way the tension between Brian and Angel built up was nicely done. However, when it was finally released I just didn’t feel it. Sorry! The first love scene almost felt like “by appointment” to me, well, not really, but they sort of agreed to do it in a way that just didn’t do it for me. The others felt rushed and there was almost always some issue or other standing between them that needed resolving. Somehow the guys never explored or expressed their feelings for each other in a satisfactory way. As for “unleashing” Angel, apart from some allusions that Angel exuded power, that aspect was sadly neglected in my eyes. After all it is the title of the book so I expected that it would have been elaborated much more than it was.

A lot of time was spent misunderstanding each other without giving the other one a chance to explain – admittedly there wouldn’t be much of a problem otherwise, but the situation was just going back and forth. First Brian treated Angel that way, then it was the other way around. The werewolf issue mentioned in the blurb didn’t exist between Brian and Angel at all, I’m sorry to say. Brian has no clue about what or who Angel is until the very end and then comes to terms with it easily.

A couple of things didn’t make much sense to me:

  • Why would Carmen wait for Angel if he so obviously shows no interest in her? OK, it was an unspoken agreement between whoever that they both would marry one day, but that seemed pretty unlikely given Angel’s unwillingness. Shortly after it became clear to her that he’s never going to marry her – and he expressed that thought to Brian very early on, so I would assume he told others as well – she should have moved on instead of sitting there waiting for him to come around.
  • Why would Brian take Angel to his place without being certain Sam was gone? This had no impact on the story because he WAS gone, but what if he hadn’t moved out? And that WAS a possibility with him.
  • The idea of Carmen that she could “turn” Angel if only she could get Brian out of the way is just ridiculous.
  • I didn’t understand the motivation behind opening Brian’s letter. Besides the fact that doing so is rather dubious in itself it seemed out of character and put Hector in a pretty bad light, he had no reason to distrust Brian and therefore why would he insist on opening the letter?

I enjoyed the story to a certain extent but it won’t be anything I’ll read again.

Available at Torquere Books

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  1. This one is going on the back burner…

    I know of this author from the GLBT wiki site and I have gotten my mitts on Miss Me – I liked the stalker angle in the blurb..

    “by appointment”– I love that, I have read a few books where the smut felt very programmed…this can really toss me off my connection with the cast..

    Thanks for your thoughts and your concern..

    .-= Erotic Horizon´s last blog ..Weekly Geeks: Getting your reading on with Graphic Novels =-.


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