Comparing covers: The Dark One

I’m taking a look at another paranormal romance now, the ubiquitous moon already indicates that we are dealing with werewolves here. But this time the English cover is the more attractive one. I suppose you could argue against this but I consider a damsel with big breasts less appealing than a stud. The romance genre in Germany used to have covers like this one for years and it seems only the recent rise of vampires, demons and weres has put an end to that. Unfortunately Thompson’s book must have either come out earlier than all the others or Bastei Lübbe is more old fashioned than the other publishers and won’t let go of the tradition of using the corniest covers possible.

darkonedt darkoneengl


Once more the titles have been changed dramatically.

They turned the three titles

  • The Dark One
  • The Untamed One
  • The Cursed One


  • Versuchung der Finsternis (Temptation of Darkness)
  • Süsser Rausch der Finsternis (Sweet Thrill of Darkness)
  • Lockruf der Finsternis (Lure of the Darkness)

in accordance with the tacky cover images.

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  1. I have been looking at this since yesterday and had to go check out some of the older Bastei Lübbe stuff…

    I will agree the English cover is more attractive in this case – however big boobs have a charm all there own …LOL

    Language is a wonderful thing – no matter how I look at it – I still can’t get the translated names…

    .-= Erotic Horizon´s last blog ..Weekly Geeks: Getting your reading on with Graphic Novels =-.


  2. Neither do I. I don’t know how German publishers do it, but they almost always “translate” titles in a way that you wouldn’t be able to guess what book it was if you translated the German title back into English. It’s weird. I think I’ll have to look for a few more examples and blog about them, :-).


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